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Joselu reveals his experience upon joining Real Madrid this summer: “I was very, very nervous”

Real Madrid CF v CA Osasuna - LaLiga EA Sports Photo by Florencia Tan Jun/Getty Images

Real Madrid striker Joselu has become one of the favourites of the Bernabeu this season. Joselu, on loan from Espanyol, completed a dream return to Real Madrid, where he spent time as a youth team player in Castilla.

In an interview with Marca while on international duty with Spain, the Spaniard revealed the rollercoaster of emotions he experienced when signing for Real this summer. He also spoke about the importance of Dani Carvajal in his life, and more. Here are some snippets from the interview.

What was he feeling when driving to Valdebebas for the first time?

“I went with Carvajal in his car, because they were going to leave me with a ride at the club later. I was very, very nervous. I didn’t know what I’d find. I knew there were still people from my time at Castilla. When I entered the locker room I said to myself: ‘Phew, you’re finally here! Forget about what has happened before, enjoy it and live in the moment.’

What was the first image he saw in the locker-room?

“All the European Cups that are there. The photos of Cristiano, Ramos, Marcelo, Modric... I was impressed to greet the players one by one.”

Who broke the news to him that Real Madrid wanted to sign him, and did he believe the message?

“My agent. He is the one who tells me.

“Coming from him, of course I believed it. If he tells me later that it’s not true, I’ll tear his head off.”

How important is Dani Carvajal in his life?

“He is more than a companion, more than a friend. Someone who has helped me a lot, especially in the last year.”

What does he feel when the Bernabeu chants: “JOSELU! JOSELU!”?

“It’s the best. I can’t explain it. I’ll die and I still won’t have been able to explain it.”

The full interview can be found here.

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