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Fernando Morientes opens up about the pressure of playing for Real Madrid and being replaced by Ronaldo

The Spaniard also reveals whether or not he felt affected by the Negreira payments during his time

Soccer - UEFA Champions League Final - Juventus v Real Madrid Photo by Tony Marshall/EMPICS via Getty Images

In an interview with Marca, former Real Madrid striker Fernando Morientes, who own three Champions League titles with ‘Los Blancos’ while forming an iconic partnership with Raul Gonzalez, opened up about his career. The interview was fascinating, and we’ve included some of the Real Madrid related quotes below:

Explaining the demands that exists at Real Madrid

“Well, the demand was especially big on a day-to-day basis. I came from a club that had lower demands, despite being an important team in the League at that time, such as Zaragoza.

“At Zaragzoa, there was always the possibility in people’s minds of drawing and losing. At Madrid I realized from the beginning that even in the preseason that the maximum was being demanded of you in each game. Everything you do the next day is worthless. You always have the highest demands and that ambition to win. I remember that in my first year we won the Champions League and the second year the season didn’t start very well and people whistled at us. I didn’t understand that as something natural because I thought that winning the Champions League gave credit for a long time and that wasn’t the case. After a month or two months, they were already thinking about another league and another Champions League. Madrid’s requirement is that they force you from the beginning to win and get up quickly.”

On being forced out to make way for Ronaldo Nazario

“When you are in a team like Real Madrid or any big team, you always know that the demands are maximum, that you will always have a lot of competition and that if there is any possibility in which the club can make a profit, then they will.

“At that moment, the fact arose that a great player like Ronaldo was coming and that Madrid also needed to amortize that signing. At that time, one of the players who could probably make the most money for them was me. On top of that, we played in the same position. They did not want to have three or four players in the same position where some were not going to play, because they evidently tried to remove the one who was least going to play to get the most economic benefit. Now, with the passage of time, I see it as a natural thing about football.”

How is his relationship with Florentino Perez now?

“I believe that the facts are there. He has done many things for Real Madrid since he arrived. .. It is clear that the objective that the president had of putting Real Madrid economically in the place it belongs to, has been more than achieved. His first stint was a little more difficult, but this is like a footballer’s career. When you arrive at the teams you have to settle, and assume that you have just arrived to grow over time. And his second stage is exceptional. The field that Real Madrid has right now is a field envied by all the teams in the world. It is a healthy team, with the best players in its ranks. And in the last decade we can say that when Real Madrid is not in a final, it’s something strange.”

Did he ever feel harmed by the referee as a Real Madrid player (Negreira case)?

“No, honestly. And I say it with my heart in my hand. It does not seem normal to me that a club in this country has paid a CTA manager. But it is true that I have been a footballer and I have not had that feeling. I don’t know if because in those years, fortunately in Madrid we won many titles, but on the field of play I have not had the feeling of being benefited or harmed. I believe that this is a combination of circumstances that we sometimes give a lot of importance to.”

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