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Gerard Pique: “When Barca win, we’re remembered forever. When Madrid win, it’s one more.”

Kings & Queens Cup Finals Photo by Cristian Trujillo/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Former Barcelona player Gerard Pique gave an interview to RAC 1 today where he spoke about Barcelona’s current state, but also Real Madrid’s trophies — mere pieces of silverware that will be forgotten in favour of Barcelona’s football.

“it’s incredible to say that we were winning thanks to the referees,” Pique said in response to a question about the Negreira case. “Most of the games, we won by crushing our opponents,” Sociological Madridismo? There are more Real Madrid fans than Barca fans in this country. We’ll always be the ones on the sidelines who want to cause a stir,”

Pique then went into a discussion about how Barcelona will be remembered more when they win than Real Madrid will be for their trophies.

“Real Madrid transmit little but they get results and in February, they will be alive in all comps,” Pique explained. “When Barca win, we’re remembered forever. When Madrid win, it’s one more. Their 2022 UCL trophy, which was a miracle because they’re inferior in each round, no one will remember it.”

Our chief editor, Kiyan Sobhani, shared his thoughts on social media on the quote:

Perhaps Barcelona can add Pique’s quotes to the moral victory trophy room?

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