Experience, Experiment and Expectations

The success of Girona comes as no Surprise. It stems from their total commitment, honest efforts and whole-hearted readiness. Those searching for surprise often seek the easy path through big-money clubs and the hiring of high-profile players. Otherwise, they remain stagnant. Can you imagine that Pep Guardiola leading a team without substantial funds to invest in acquiring top players worldwide? This highlights the challenge of managerial capacity in football clubs globally. I believe that Bill Gates or Warren Buffet will not purchase expensive cars to enhance their portfolios?

However, there are still managers worldwide who provide some magic without building family businesses around the clubs to make them richer. They are not driven solely by greed for money but for also command respect.

In the future we should not give blank cheque to any coach. Otherwise, they will bring their full family in the club. This is another malpractice in the football clubs. We need to make Real Madrid free from all corruptions, biases, discriminations, nepotisms and harassments. Most of the clubs are family businesses (ie, working people in the management are friends, brothers, sons, daughters, sisters, father, mother and others). And because of this, they lack serious quality management. Lack of quality management drives losses.

Coaches should leverage existing capacities rather than relying buying expensive assets for success. Otherwise, our backward linkage industries will struggle to survive or make them sustainable. Managers might consistently demand players like Holland and Mbappe. Achieving success with the assets that we have or can develop internally is crucial for making our business sustainable. Most football clubs globally operate with significant losses and debt. Most of them are out of regular cash flows.

While we often tout our rich history of winning championship trophies, it’s important to remember that the current generation of fan is totally different. They do not care about past/history. To them past is history/experience, present is experiment and future is expectation (3E).

To ensure continuity and leadership development, a restrictive clause in the head coach’s contract could mandate that the deputy must be an ex-Real Madrid player, such as Modric, Kroos and others. This approach would help cultivate a pool of future leaders. It’s time to consider making Modric a deputy coach to prepare for the future, and within the next two years, Kroos could follow suit.

Additionally, incorporating at least two young players from the academy into the first team each year would expose them to the real fighting spirit and allow them to gradually contribute to our real show. Otherwise, some people will start talking that Real Madrid is preparing future Brazil national team here instead of Brasilia to make it by them.