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Rummenigge: “UEFA offers the best possible tournament, the new Champions League will be even more spectacular”

The German takes a stance against the Super League

FC Internazionale v Manchester City FC - UEFA Champions League Final 2022/23 Photo by Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, former chairman of Bayern Munich and currently on the UEFA Executive Committee, has spoken out about the Super League project, which has an important court ruling on Thursday. The Super League, which was supposed to be a breakaway competition from the UEFA Champions League, faced widespread criticism and opposition from fans, players, managers, and governing bodies when it was announced. The current project is revamped with a new CEO, and much more inclusive than the former model.

Rummenigge gave his thoughts on the Super League in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport. He expressed his disappointment and frustration with the entire idea of a Super League.

“Serie A would become Serie B and the Bundesliga the second division,” Rummenigge said. “Poor tournaments. And do you know why they wanted this? To damage the Premier League that collects more simply because it is better. Goodbye to a Juve-Cagliari, goodbye to a Bayern-Bielefeld.

“Plan A, with the best teams in Europe, was just an alibi: its objective is to include Arabs and Americans, to play an international tournament. The will lose their roots.”

Rummenigge also explained that Bayern Munich could not be convinced of joining the Super League.

“Yes, they approached Bayern, but they didn’t come to me,” the German explained. “They tried with Oliver Kahn, my designated successor at the time. Uli Hoeness, President Hainer, and I said: “Never with us! “We want to win, but fairly. PSG thought this way too.”

Rummenigge also said he’s not too worried about this week’s court ruling.

“Not now. I was the night they announced the Super League,” he said. “There were twelve of them, they had tried in vain to convince us and others. I thought: “What if they really make the revolution? It would be chaos. In two days, the bubble burst. I was in the Bayern stadium and Ceferin was texting me every five minutes to tell me: Chelsea, Liverpool, City have withdrawn... It’s over.”

Rummenigge explains that UEFA already has the solution to football.

“The Super League has been rejected culturally, football-wise and economically,” he explains. “UEFA offers the best possible tournament, the new Champions League at 36 teams will be even more spectacular and open. Did you see Copenhagen’s celebrations for qualifying for the round of 16? They were supposed to finish last, they qualified and it felt like it was Christmas for them. Do the usual guys always have to win? Not in football, in football there is the unthinkable, the emotion. It’s not mathematics. No one in Germany would go to the Super League, there would be a fan revolution.”

Rummenigge concluded his interview by saying that the Super League won’t go far, even if the court rules in their favour.

“What’s left of it? Rummenigge asks. “Two Spaniards. Juve is out, at least that’s what it seems to me. Europe’s rejected the project. The only thing missing is legal confirmation.

“It wouldn’t get very far. 30 years ago the system would have embraced novelty, now it’s different. The British, Germans and French would never participate. I think the Italians and the Spanish wouldn’t either, unless there is some president who thinks he can lie down and wake up the next day in the middle of gold. Maybe Real Madrid and Barcelona could make the tournament by themselves.”

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