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Sofie Svava’s 30-minute feature in Denmark’s loss to France

First match of Tournoi de France ends in favor of France.

Women´s International Friendly”Netherlands women v Denemarken women” Photo by ANP via Getty Images

France 1 - 0 Denmark

No Madridistas started on either side. Real Madrid had three players on the bench on the stadium: Sofie Svava for Denmark, and Naomie Feller and Sandie Toletti for France.

The first half was close to equal. Both sides were trying to get a chance to score but there weren’t that many dangerous chances. In the whole first half, there were only 3 shots on target, 2 of which were France. One of those was their goal in 31’ by Charlotte Bilbaut after an unsuccessful clearance by Denmark’s defense. Bilbault got the ball at around 25m from the goal and tried her luck, which was more than successful.

Denmark got their only shot on target a minute after their opponents’ goal, which was saved by Magnin, the French goalkeeper. France had 7 total shots vs. Denmark’s 3, which describes the half pretty well - France definitely had more luck in the chance creation.

The second half was more or less the same, but without any more goals. Sofie Svava came on at 60’, in Denmark’s first substitution cycle being a part of the triple change. Svava acted as left midfielder in Denmark’s 3-5-2 formation. The Real Madrid left back took a few minutes to adapt to the game during which she conceded one chance, which ended up being cleared in the end. However, as the time went on, Svava managed to leave some impact on the game. Since the corner she took in 72’, which ended in the center of the box but couldn’t have been picked up by anyone, she participated much more in the attack. She was even seen acting as a center forward, doing the pressing on the center backs at times.

Svava had one chance in 73’ when she took the ball from the French defender and tried to turn with the ball but was pushed and fell in the meantime. No penalty was given.

Denmark ended with only 2 more total shots than from the end of the first half, out of which none were on target. France was definitely more dominant, especially in the second half.

Naomie Feller and Sandie Toletti never came off the bench for France.

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