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Esther and Athenea shine for Spain, Kenti wins Revelation’s Cup with Mexico

Esther’s brace and Athenea’s penalty give Spain 0-3 win over Czech Republic.

Picture of Kenti Robles of Mexico holding Fair Play award in the name of Mexico women’s national team
Kenti Robles of Mexico receives Fair Play award in the name of Mexico women’s national team
@Miseleccionfem, @RevCupMexico

Mexico 1-1 Colombia

By: Kani Froh

Colombia got the lead in 13’. They won the freekick and Catalina Usme took it. She noticed that Mexico’s goalkeeper Cecilia had gone out of the goal a bit so she tried her luck from near the half-way line circle. The shot was powerful enough and precise to go over the goalkeeper straight into the net. A stunning goal!

However, not long after, only eight minutes later, Mexico struck back. From Delgadillo’s precise cross from the left side to Stephany Mayor’s perfect strike, Mexico now managed to equalize.

In 30’ Kenti got the ball from a half-cleared corner and shot at Colombia’s goal but it was blocked.

The teams were pretty much equal. Both goalkeepers had their hands full, as well as their defenders. Mexico’s attacks mostly came from the left side, but Real Madrid’s right back Kenti did well in defense. With her quick reflexes, she managed a few clearances from Mexico’s box.

Kenti Robles completed full 90 and lifted Mexico’s Revelation’s Cup as a draw in this match was just enough for Mexico to win this friendly cup.

Czech Republic 0-3 Spain

By: Kani Froh

Spain XI vs. Czech Republic
Spain XI vs. Czech Republic

Spain had complete control of the match, however in the beginning they struggled to do anything specific. In the first half an hour, Spain managed 3 attempts - first one by Guerrero that ended going over the goal, and two by Esther in the span of 2 minutes, one of which was a save by Lukášová and the other a shot off target.

Sheila García’s cross in 29’ that wasn’t cleared properly ended up with Irene Guerrero just outside of the box. Guerrero then found a space between Czechia’s defensive line to get the ball to Shei and she quickly sent it to Esther who pushed the ball inside to give Spain the lead.

Most of Spain’s crosses came from the right-hand side by Shei and Cardona. Real Madrid’s Teresa acted as the deepest midfielder and provided stability in midfield while Hermoso and Guerrero would go up to attack. Rocío didn’t have much to do as the actions would be stopped by the fullbacks - Sheila or Olga - before it would reach the center backs. However, Rocío’s ball distribution was on point and she provided that support for the midfield.

Ten minutes after the goal, there was another one, once again by Esther. This one came from the action on the right-hand side as well. Thanks to the combination between Cardona and Guerrero, Cardona found the space to send the cross to Esther’s head.

Two minutes later, Salma Paralluelo’s corner landed on Rocío’s head whose header attempt went just wide. From the second goal onwards, Spain was in complete control, even managing to find the space inside the box much easier. The Czech goalkeeper Olivie Lukášová had her hands full there.

Esther got off at halftime for Levante’s Alba Redondo. Esther managed 3 goals in 3 matches this international break, and this was the end of her contribution in this year’s Cup of Nations.

Three minutes into the second half, Czechia got a freekick. It wasn’t properly cleared and it ended at Petra Bertholdová’s feet who shot and scored. However, the flag was up for offside.

In 60’ Athenea got on for Salma. She went on to operate on the left hand-side along with Olga. Twelve minutes in, Athenea got inside the box with her dribbling, and combining with Marta Cardona, they didn’t manage to create real danger. Claudia Zornoza got on for Irene Guerrero in 76’.

While Athenea was thinking how to proceed further when she had the ball in the box, Chechia’s Gabriela Šlajsová put up a foot in front of her to commit a foul and give Spain a penalty. Athenea took the ball and scored the penalty kick. Her debut for Spain was against Czech Republic and she scored against them in her 23rd cap, so this was a special game for her.

All three goals scored in this match were by Real Madrid players. What an international break for the Madridistas, not just in this match, but overall. This was the last of international matches for the month for Real Madrid players, as Kathellen won’t be playing for Brazil this evening due to a broken arm suffered in the last match.

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