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Immediate Reaction: Valencia 1 - 6 Real Madrid; Liga F

Weir hattrick seals Madrid’s 10th consecutive win

RFEF, Valencia CF

Win on Antonio Puchades to make it the tenth consecutive win in Liga F. Real Madrid beat Valencia 1-6 on their home ground keeping their 2nd place spot in the league and tenth consecutive win in the league.

Alberto Toril didn’t change anything from the midweek match against Real Sociedad and put up the exact same lineup. This was Toletti’s 3rd start in a row after not being available for three weeks of January. The formation was a regular 4-2-3-1 lineup that could be seen in the play with the ball, turning into a 4-4-2 without the ball.

  • The first 18 minutes of the game, Las Blancas didn’t manage to create any chances while Valencia, on the other side, managed to create danger quite a few times. Real Madrid struggled to gain possession and had to be pulled back for most of the time. Valencia was trying to get the ball to Anita Marcos through Madrid’s defense and they used diagonal lines of 3 to shut down Real Madrid from escaping with the ball. It worked for 18 minutes.
  • 19’: GOAL by Caroline Weir (0-1)! Toletti’s side cross from inside the box arrived to Weir who was well-positioned and pushed it in. Weir’s second striker role in this game started becoming apparent. One chance, one shot on target, one goal.
  • In the next few minutes, there wasn’t much going on except from one long range shot from Esther which was saved right under the crossbar.
  • 27’: GOAL by M. Carro (1-1)! Anita Marcos went up against Rocío twice in the box and after the second try to get it off the line, the ball bounced off to Carro who shot it inside.
  • 32’: GOAL by Weir (1-2)! Kenti’s cross inside the box got blocked but the ball landed right in front of Weir who didn’t have a hard time getting it inside. Valencia’s hopes to turn this game around ended here.
  • Two minutes later, Athenea created a chance. She took too slow to dribble and think, but when she finally decided to shoot. The shot going to the nearest post was pretty hard to save for Enith Salón.
  • 43’ GOAL by Zornoza (1-3)! Esther recovered the ball on the right and gave it to Weir at the entrance of the box, she didn’t have an opening to shoot so she gave it to Zornoza who took a good shot.
  • The first half ended with 1-3. At halftime Teresa got in instead of Athenea and Zornoza was put on the left wing. Three minutes into the second half, Weir got her first chance. Her diagonal shot would go on target if the defender didn’t block it and pushed it to a corner.
  • 51’: GOAL by Kenti (1-4)! Feller’s passed back to Kenti at the right time. Kenti then shot but right at the keeper, whose save ended up at Kenti’s feet again letting her shoot it in this time.
  • 59’: GOAL by Esther (1-5)! Tere’s through pass lands at Esther’s feet. She then goes on to beat Salón in 1v1 and finish it off.
  • Six minutes after the goal, Esther got subbed out together with Toletti to bring in Nahikari and Freja. In the next 5 minutes, there were three shots by the guests. First one by Zornoza that was saved, then Freja trying her luck from a long range, and finally Zornoza trying again that ended just over the bar.
  • 72’: GOAL by Weir (1-6)! From Valencia’s goal kick, Teresa won a header and pushed it to Nahikari who ran to the box in line with Weir and passed it to her.
  • Four minutes later Møller and Svava got subbed on for Feller and Olga. From this point on there weren’t any notable chances, just a couple of fun details such as Tere’s great air control around 80:00 and Nahikari’s side heel pass to Zornoza and Zornoza’s good shielding there at 81:30.
  • In 90’ Valencia scored another goal which was annulled for offside. However, it was wrongfully ruled out. Asun’s shot from around 16m was saved by Misa, in that moment Pauleta was going for the ball and got the rebound from Misa. The line ref ruled it out, but Pauleta was onside.

The game ended 1-6 with a hattrick and an assist by Weir, one goal by Kenti, Esther and Zornoza. Nice and comfortable win which started with suffering and ended magnificently.

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