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Managing Madrid Podcast: Interview with the directors of Apple TV series: Real Madrid until the end

Matt Wiltse goes in-depth with the directors of the new Apple TV series.

Real Madrid v Chelsea FC Quarter Final Leg Two - UEFA Champions League Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images



In this episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast, Matt Wiltse interviews the directors of the Apple TV series: Real Madrid until the end, and they discuss the following topics:

  • Who approached who in regards to creating the documentary series and was it a strategic decision to go with Apple TV?
  • Reaching a global audience — pursuing the US market
  • What were the goals in telling the story of Real Madrid’s 14th UCL title and the double-winning campaign?
  • The success of the player interviews in the documentary and the feeling the directors had when talking to the players and being present in the club’s training grounds.
  • Capturing Real Madrid’s ethos and winning mentality, describing the club culture
  • Was it difficult to get interviews with Tuchel and Pochettino? Why did Xavi agree to be interviewed in a Madrid-focused doc?
  • Were Florentino Perez and Jose Angel Sanchez involved in the production?
  • Directors joy and surprise at how open Florentino Perez was during his interview
  • Players or coaches that surprised them the most
  • Carlo Ancelotti: a class act on and off the pitch
  • What did they have to leave out from the documentary?
  • Balancing La Liga and Champions League storylines
  • Personal highlights working on the series

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