Fragile Corporate Governance and Our Wrong Strategies:

Corporate Governance:

As I said earlier, football clubs are not managed and organized by highly educated professionals and talented personalities. In some cases, they are managed by some mafia. Corporate governance in football clubs is very fragile. Otherwise, who can believe that in one year there are three coaches in one club in this modern world? Is it a business of slavery? Nobody can believe this. But this is the reality; because we are sold out to some mafia. We are blaming the national governance issues of Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. But on the other hand, we are welcoming their money to the most prestigious clubs in the world! What an irony? Even the black money from Russia was welcomed to buy Chelsea. Maybe there is no color of money. These are all hush puppies.

Our Coach:

In the recent past, the coaches from outside at Real Madrid were successful because they had a pool of the most talented generation of footballers, like Christiano Ronaldo, Kroos, Modric and others. I have no idea whether we will have in our lifetime another generation of such a talented pool of players together playing for Real Madrid. Our current coach is a totally selfish guy who only knows his own interests. He has given appointments to the same club his whole family since they are incapable of getting jobs elsewhere and also keep his autocratic rockdom in tight security without criticism.

Real Madrid should buy all the big stars every season with an investment of billions of euros for him so that he can show his mettle. Otherwise, he is a false nine. He would not be able to do anything. His performance in the premier league is the evidence to follow. He will not build young talents from inside and not even give opportunities to the young talents of Castila. Rather, he will advise the board to sell them for 1-5 million euros and buy Mbappe, Haaland and others with billions of euros and let Real Madrid go to hell for debt than keep it surviving.

We will always loose to Barcelona with him as a coach. And this year there is no chance to win any trophy.

Future Talents:

Our wrong strategies have led to the selling of players like Martin Ødegaard who is now the Captain of Norway, as well as Arsenal, the premier league's most possible title winner. His performance in the Premier League is one of the best. If Ødegaard was honored then I believe we could get the services of Haaland easily.

Future Coach:

We are not even giving opportunities to our homegrown coaches like Raul. On the other hand, Barcelona players cum assistants are now the best coaches in the world, like in La Liga, Premier League and others. When will we be able to see that our homegrown coaches and their assistants are favorites as coaches in all Europe and other countries??