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Immediate Reaction: Real Madrid 3 - 0 Levante Las Planas; Liga F

Brilliant strike by Møller defines the match.


Win/draw/defeat on Alfredo Di Stéfano against Levante Las Planas. Real Madrid won 3-0 with the goals of Linda, Feller and Møller. Below are my thoughts on the match.

Alberto Toril decided for a change in the front line for this match. The main thing in today’s starting line-up was the absence of a natural striker. Feller was acting as the center forward accompanied with Athenea and Linda on the sides. Behind them, there were Weir and Maite with Zornoza in the midfield. The defensive line was the standard one with the absence of Rocío. Misa was on goal with Kenti and Olga on the full backs and Ivana and Kathellen in the center.

  • The first action of the game came in the 5th minute from Maite’s auto pass. With her combination with Feller, the ball finally arrived to Weir whose shot got saved by Bačić. The deflected ball almost reached Linda on the other post but there was a defender ready to clear it out in front of the Colombian.
  • In the first 10 minutes of the game, that was the only chance that happened. Las Planas had 3 corners meanwhile but none of them were dangerous. But the very next minute, in 11’, a combination between Feller and Kenti on the right flank led to Feller sending a side pass to the far post where Linda was waiting. She didn’t receive the ball well and missed the shot from a couple of meters with her weak foot. Two minutes later, Athenea had a shot on target that was blocked by a defender on the very goal line.
  • 14’: GOAL by Linda Caicedo (1-0)! The goal started and ended with the Colombian. Linda dribbled in the box then combined with Weir to pass to Maite who made a side heel pass to Linda. She shot directly at the goalkeeper, but Bačić just pushed it inside the net. It wasn’t a god shot by Linda, but it did the trick.
  • 18’: GOAL by Caroline Weir (2-0)! Not even 5 minutes later, Las Blancas score another. The goal came from Feller recovering the ball from Mora and pushing it to Weir who went on to a 1v1 battle with the goalkeeper and won it.
  • In 25’ and 26’ there were two great header attempts. The first one came from Zornoza’s outer part of the foot pass to Weir that ended just over the bar. The second one came from the right side by Athenea to Feller. This attempt was even closer.
  • In 30’ there was a long injury break from the foul that was given to Zornoza. However, she was the one being attended for injury. She came back on pitch a couple of minutes later but fell down and had to be subbed off at 37’ for Teresa.
  • Until the end of the first part, there weren’t many more things happening except for the continuous crosses that kept coming to Levante’s box.
  • In the very first minute of the second half, the front line went on a run. Weir passed it to the side to Athenea who had the goal open but missed by just a couple of inches. In the process, the way she fell, she slid on the grass and hit her head off the post.
  • In 53’ there was a chance by Real Madrid in which the ball got sent to corner before Weir had the chance to receive the ball. That corner resulted in Tere’s long range shot from outside of the box that went wide. It was powerful but not precise.
  • After nothing happening in a while, there was a sub. Athenea was finally brought off after that scare in the beginning of the second half. Esther came on for Athenea and Toletti came on for Maite.
  • Three minutes in, Esther got a 1v1 chance with the goalkeeper but the shot she imagined would go into the further post went too wide. There was another one in 73’, this time from the other side. The action started from Linda’s run and dribble after which she passed to Esther. This chance was also offside by Esther but it wasn’t called.
  • Real Madrid did their last two changes in 81’ where Møller came on for Weir and Svava for Olga.
  • 83’: GOLAZO by Caroline Møller (3-0)! The Dane got the ball at around the halfway line and shot from there after seeing the goalkeeper went out. A beautiful strike that was previously seen only last season by Zornoza on Camp Nou. What an end to this game.

After the goal, nothing much happened. There were a few cross attempts but nothing serious. Great way to leave on the international break with this win after a bad run.

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