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Ancelotti: “Nobody knows what will happen in the future, it’s exciting if Brazil want me”

The coach’s first press conference since the international break.

Real Madrid Training Session Photo by Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images

Following the international break, Real Madrid will return to action with a Sunday afternoon clash against Real Valladolid and Carlo Ancelotti held his pre-match press conference on Saturday. Discussing the return of club football, he said: “The players who have returned from international duty are doing well, while those who stayed behind have worked well apart from the unfortunate injury of Ferland Mendy. Mendy hasn’t had much luck this season because of his injuries. We’ve replaced him well when he wasn’t there and we’ll replace him well again. We’re ready for this month of April.”

Ancelotti on his future

There were several questions about Ancelotti’s future and the links with the Brazilian national team job. Addressing this issue, the Italian said: “I’m not surprised that there are rumours. But, it doesn’t worry me. I’m just hoping to stay here for as long as Real Madrid allow me to. I have a good relationship with the club, with the president, with the players and with the fans. So, I’m calm. We’ll try to win titles over these couple of months and then I hope to continue. I hope to complete my contract because I like being at this club. Afterwards, I don’t know. Nobody knows what can happen in the future. If the Brazilian national team want me, that’s exciting and nice to hear. But, I want to see out and respect my contract. I don’t know the Brazilian FA president. If he wants to talk to me, I’d talk to him and greet him.”

Ancelotti was then pressed on a comment he had made in the past, when he said he’d probably retire after leaving Real Madrid. Asked if he still feels that way, he simply replied: “No, we’ll see.”

Ancelotti on whether the rumours are distracting

Asked if the rumours about his own future and about the future of the players with expiring contracts might be distracting, the coach replied: “We’re very focused on what we have to do. We’re not thinking about what the press says, about whether I’ll stay or whether certain players will stay. We hear those rumours, but we’re not worried. We’re thinking about Real Valladolid, Barcelona, Chelsea, etc.”

Ancelotti on Barcelona having one more day of rest before the Copa semi

Real Madrid will play on Sunday, whereas Barcelona have their Matchday 27 game on Saturday. That means Barça will have had one extra day of rest ahead of Wednesday’s Copa del Rey second leg, but Ancelotti dismissed the suggestion that this is a disadvantage, stating: “I’m not annoyed that they’ll have an extra day, as we also have more than enough time to recover well. There’s no disadvantage.”

Ancelotti on the perception of Vinícius

After Xavi said this week that the perception of Gavi would be different if he played in a different club than Barcelona, Ancelotti was asked if the perception of Vinícius would be different if he played away from Real Madrid. The coach shut down that hypothetical scenario by stating: “If my grandfather had wheels, he would have been a car.”

Ancelotti on Vinícius Tobias’ future

Vinícius Tobias was brought up and the Italian was asked if the Castilla right-back will be staying at the club beyond the summer. He replied: “He is one of many in Castilla who has a bright future and who is progressing well. We’ll look at his contractual situation at the end of the season.”

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