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Weir as protagonist in her first Scotland match as captain

Three out of four goals came from the Scottish Madridista.

Caroline Weir celebrates her goal vs Costa Rica

Scotland 4-0 Costa Rica

Scotland came victorious against Costa Rica and there were two protagonists of this match. The first one being the young talent Emma Watson who managed to score her first two goals for her country. Then, of course, is the Real Madrid midfielder Caroline Weir who got to wear the captain’s armband for the first time for Scotland.

The home side was superior in all aspects in this match. Scotland would usually be the ones attacking but some of their mistakes would result in Costa Rican chances that, luckily for the Scots, didn’t end up in goal. Emma Watson opened the scoresheet in 5’ from Caroline Weir’s freekick. Weir’s center first bounced off of a Costa Rican defender and landed at Watson’s feet for her to finish it.

The second goal came in 28’. It was another set piece opportunity that came from the left corner taken by Weir once again. She centered it to Claire Emslie’s head perfectly and the ball went in even from an odd angle. The goal was finally given as an own goal as the ball deflected off of Alvarado. Even though Weir’s contributions in the first two goals weren’t officially written down, both goals came from her brilliant centers.

The Scottish Madridista finally gets her goal at 36’ after a combination with Emslie. Back-to-back goals between the two players with great dribbling from Real Madrid’s Caroline.

Weir was in charge of the set pieces, especially the left corners. None other set pieces were successful but aside from those, Weir also sent in clean long balls from the midway line to the front which would almost always result in a dangerous chance for Scotland. The fourth goal arrived after Caroline passed the ball to the right wing where Hay was ready to send the cross inside to Watson to get her first brace.

The Madridista had a couple more shots during the match but nothing too dangerous. Caroline Weir played the whole match.

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