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Immediate Reaction: Real Madrid 3 - 2 Madrid CFF; Liga F

Tere’s rocket shots give Real Madrid the win.

Teresa Abelleira celebrates her goal for Real Madrid against Madrid CFF
Teresa Abelleira celebrates her goal for Real Madrid against Madrid CFF

A nerve-wracking 3-2 win on Di Stéfano against Madrid CFF. Below are my views on the game.

Only 3 changes from the last week’s game against Villarreal. However, for this match, Alberto Toril decided on starting with the defense of four in this match with Svava and Kenti on fullbacks and Rocío and Kathellen as center backs. Teresa started this match after being benched by Oroz last week, as she joined Weir and Toletti in the midfield line. Caroline Møller started for the second time in a row, together with Caicedo and Athenea on the wings. With Kenti confirmed to start this match, the Mexican got her 100th cap for the white club and got to captain the team for this occasion as well.

  • With only 20 seconds in, Madrid CFF opened the scoresheet. Florencia Bonsegundo capitalized on Misa’s mistake where she failed to shoot out the ball and gave it straight to the Argentine.
  • Immediately after, Real Madrid pressed to attack. There were three consecutive attacks from minute 5. In 7’ Weir initiated an attack on the left wing recovering the ball passing it over to Møller who pushed it to Linda whose shot ended just over the bar. However, a minute later, she doesn’t miss.
  • 8’: GOAL by Linda Caicedo (1-1)! Weir’s pass to the left wing opened up the chance for Linda to shoot. Her shot wasn’t the best, but she tricked Ulloa to make the ball pass by her outside foot.
  • The drama doesn’t stop there. Just as it was looking like Real Madrid were starting a comeback, 5 minutes after the equalizer Madrid CFF take the lead again. In 12’ Bonsegundo’s pass finds its way to Rachael Kundananji through Kathellen and Rocío and the Zambian sends it to the back of the net for 1-2.
  • Real Madrid went on to attack again. Between their first and second goal, Madrid CFF didn’t have any other chances, they were just clinical enough to take the lead again. Another five minutes later, there was another goal by the royal club.
  • 17’: GOAL by Teresa Abelleira (2-2)! Linda’s pass from the left wing went past Weir who let it arrive to Teresa who was positioned better. Abelleira took the shot just at the entrance of the penalty area and made no mistakes.
  • The rest of the match was pretty equal when it came to chances. Even if it looked like Real Madrid attacked more, Madrid CFF also had the misfortune of getting caught offside 5 times, all of those involving Rachael Kundananji. Real’s center backs would give away a chance to their opponents too often. The Zambian was definitely the protagonist of the match, causing all kinds of problems to Real Madrid. Madrid CFF had a rocket shot that hit the crossbar, but aside from that, there weren’t any more shots on target by either team in the first 45 minutes.
  • Olga was the halftime substitution in Real Madrid; she came on for Kenti. Good call as the Mexican didn’t have a good game and failed to stop Madrid CFF’s attacks from the right side.
  • In the very first minute of the second half, the white club went to attack. The first dangerous action came from Weir inside the box who tried to get the ball to Møller’s head, but it never arrived.
  • 49’: GOAL by Teresa Abelleira (3-2)! She gets her second goal of the game from an even greater distance after Møller pushed it back to her.
  • In the next 15 minutes, Real Madrid were the only team attacking. Around 65’ Madrid CFF got their first action in a while where Kundananji played against Real’s whole defense and tried to assist to Gabi Nunes who clashed with Misa on the near post. It looked like the Real Madrid goalkeeper had hit her head pretty hard, but she wasn’t subbed off.
  • The rest of the match was pretty standard, with a few more occasions from both sides. Kundananji continued to create problems. Athenea got subbed off for Maite in 64’ which was necessary because the winger was tired and kept making bad decisions.
  • In 74’ Lucía got in and got to play for the third time in 2023. In the 16 minutes she played, she was much stronger defensively than the rest of Real’s defenders. Except for the throw-ins she took, her game was way above average than what one would expect of a player that barely gets a chance to play.
  • Besides Lucía, Freja Siri also got her 16 minutes. In 85’ Møller was subbed off for Naomie Feller who acted as a winger for the rest of the match while Weir was the center forward in that case.

More drama than needed in this match, that’s for sure, but at last Las Blancas took the 3 points.

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