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Immediate Reaction: Real Madrid 3 - 2 Levante; Liga F

Weir magic saves the day.

Real Madrid CF v Levante UD - Liga F Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Another comeback win by Real Madrid, this time against Levante. The last home match of the season ended 3-2, below are my views on the match.

With the return of Teresa to the squad list, Toril had decided to start her against Levante. However, it wasn’t the case with Zornoza who just got back from a tibia injury after 6 weeks and today she started on the bench. Weir and Toletti joined Teresa in midfield. Feller started as center forward with Caicedo alongside Athenea and Svava acting as fullbacks. The defense was made out of 3 center backs - Kathellen, Ivana and Rocío, with Misa on goal.

  • Not long into the game, this formation turned out to be a terrible idea. Levante went into attack immediately, which was led by Alba Redondo. Real Madrid had one action on the other side, but the first 5 minutes mostly belonged to the Granotas. Real Madrid defense also made a couple of mistakes that could’ve cost the team.
  • 5’ GOAL by Alba Redondo (0-1)! First the mistake by Rocío, giving away the possession at a critical position. Then Misa failed to catch the shot directed at her and Redondo took advantage of that.
  • 13’: GOAL by Alba Redondo (0-2)! Kathellen’s fail to mark Redondo resulted in her run reaching Misa and winning the 1 on 1.
  • After this goal, Madrid began to dominate the game, with a couple of missed big chances as well. After 15 minutes of constant pressing, it all slowly started to pay off.
  • 28’: GOAL by Sandie Toletti (1-2)! Brilliant combination between Feller and Weir in the box, with Weir’s backheel pass to Feller shining in this action.
  • There were no changes at halftime by either side, something completely unexpected, especially from the home side. However, not even a minute into the second half, Madrid proved they didn’t need an early change.
  • 46’: GOAL by Caroline Weir (2-2)! Brilliant work by Caicedo and then Svava on the left wing resulted in a goal by Weir who pushed the ball in after LLoris failed to clear.
  • 50’: GOAL by Caroline Weir (3-2)! Incredible run by Caicedo, after playing with the entire Levante’s right side, she assisted Weir who was positioned right in front of the goal making no mistakes. Las Blancas were definitely looking fresher.
  • Seven minutes after coming on for Feller, Møller scored in 67’ after a pass by Svava after which the Danish striker won the 1 on 1. The flag was up, but in the replay, it didn’t look offside at all. Eleven minutes later, there was a dangerous chance by Levante. Incredible double save in 78’; first by Zornoza at the goal line from a 5-meter shot, and then Misa saving just under the crossbar to deny another short-range shot.
  • In the last 3 minutes of the match, Lorena came on to play her first and probably only minutes this season. She got a farewell in front of the fans as she’s leaving the club at the end of the season.

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