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Daily Thread: 21 May 2023

Real Madrid Celebrate Winning La Liga Santander Photo by Victor Carretero/Real Madrid via Getty Images

The Daily Merengue is a place where you can feel free to discuss all things football. Do not be alarmed by the overt RMCF bias. It’s in the name!

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Brand New Series: Letters from Juninho

Since this is likely my last Daily Thread before the end of the season and real moves are made, I have decided to just state my thoughts + impression on a few topics (i lied it got too long so its only one). Of course, if you’d prefer to only read recent Real Madrid rumors (follow @MadridXtra).

A Case for Letting Carlo Go

Dear MM,

We’ve all debated whether Kroos + Modric can start together or if Carlo has the appetite to bench veterans out of form or whether Carloball are worthwhile tactics. I’m not here to make that case (though my answers are no / maybe / in the word’s of Gattuso “sometimes good, sometimes sh—”). If you’d like to belabor these points listen to the latest MM Podcast or an objective post from Madridsto (congrats on the shoutout).

I’m here to briefly discuss two points: supply and timing.

Supply: the summer of 2023 possibly features the most accredited managers to ever be available for Real Madrid. Whether you rate them or not the following managers are available: Nagelsmann (Bundesliga title holder + 8-0 in 2022/2023 UCL); Pochettino (Ligue 1 title holder, CL finalist with Spurs, potentially signed with Chelsea); Zidane (enough said); Antonio Conte (also enough said...forgot he lost his job); and could then possibly feature Jose Mourinho (enough said), Allegri, Spalletti (Napoli manager and Serie A title holder) and up and coming coaches like Xabi Alonso & Raul.

I’m not sure if Real has ever had this many viable coaches available during a summer. If you recall when Carlo was hired as our #4 choice, only Allegri was unemployed as Antonio Conte I believe was still in a contractual dispute with Inter Milan.

If the club lets Carlo walk - for possibly the only time ever, the club has a multitude of options to select from and can choose how to develop the next project without significant managerial barriers.

Timing: At a first glance you’re probably assuming that I’m going to discuss Madrid’s timing, but I’m actually making a plea to Carlo. Harvey Dent says in the Dark Knight “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain,” which rings true in the halls of the Bernabeu. Mourinho was lauded for defeating the alleged “Greatest Team of Modern Football” and whistled off the same pitch a year later. Sergio Ramos was El Capitan and then marred with contractual disputes and a declined renewal. Iker exited the back door after critical goalkeeping mistakes (*cough* La Decima final...*cough cough* leaks). Marcelo became bench fodder. Gareth Bale. Wales. Golf. Football.

Carlo has won everything at Madrid. He’s third on the trophies list (which is pretty silly cause Munoz won like nine La Ligas..convo for another day). Therefore, he could resign with his legendary status fully in tact and then take one of the most coveted NT jobs in the world at Brazil. I best even the most loving Carlo fan would say it’s unlikely he gets extended past 2024, so why not leave now? I get the whole Last Dance (this shoutout is sponsored by ESPN and Disney) appeal but most last dances end poorly. Most last dances don’t have an escape route. Most Last Dances don’t potentially lead to WC glory.

So Carlo - what I’m saying to Zidane. He seems to always know the right time to step away.

- Juninho

^this is Carlo throughout the years. UEFA disables it from being attached but here’s the link. Darn you UEFA!!!!

I’m not gonna lie...searching for these made me a bit sad. Maybe we should just extend him? Also if you’re reading this far - CONGRATS! This will be a timed post because I won’t be around to actual publish this so I’m relinquishing “FIRST” privileges. The MM poster with the best Thomas Shelby gif and Thomas Shelby quote will have his/her/their post featured. GOOD LUCK!

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