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Immediate Reaction: Real Madrid 2-2 (1-3) Atlético Madrid; Copa de la Reina

From terrible game management to an even worse penalty shoot-out.

Real Madrid v Atletico de Madrid – Copa de la Reina Final Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Heartbreaking loss in the Madrid derby cup final. Real Madrid lost on penalties. Here are my views on the match.

The exact same line-up and formation from the semifinal.

The first half was very stressful - something you would definitely expect from a Madrid derby. The teams switched periods where they were dominating. For the first few minutes, it was Real Madrid, then it was 10 minutes of Atlético dominance.

In 3’ Ajibade sent a cross from the left wing to the far post, but no one from her team managed to arrive, that part of Real’s goal was completely open. But the next 5 minutes of so were Real’s.

In 14’ Atléti took over with their corner that ended with Ajibade’s header attempt going just over. One minute later, there was a shot by Atléti saved by Misa and the rebound almost arrived to Cardona in front of an empty goal but Olga came in to do a last second tackle.

A few minutes later, Real Madrid took over the dominance for another period of time.

31’: GOOOAAAAAL by Sandie Toletti (1-0)! A direct corner from Weir finds Toletti’s head and she masterfully puts it in! A worldly header!

In the continuation of the half, Misa had another save, in 38’. Real Madrid had two more chances.

56’: GOOOAAAAL by Ivana Andrés (2-0)! Caicedo sends the ball from the corner flag to Ivana on the far post and she puts it to the opposite corner. It’s her first goal for Real Madrid and in the most important match to date!

The rest of the game was pure managing, or at least it was something Toril thought would work. There was heavy rain throughout most of the half so it was difficult to play. There were a few big chances before the next goal. But before that, Toril made some changes. The first one in 69’ being Moller and Maite for Feller and Athenea. The second one in 82’ were Teresa and Svava for Zornoza and Linda. With these subs, Toril wanted to manage the game until the end...But that didn’t go according to plan.

88’: GOAL by Lucía Moral (2-1)! Banini’s run-in against Real’s defense ended with a pass to Moral to put it in.

90+5’: GOAL by Estefania Banini (2-1)! Just a perfectly executed freekick.

Extra time. No subs. Morale very low, what could possibly go wrong? Now, I’m going to be very honest here, I can’t recall the extra time because I was in a state of shock. The rain was still going strong. In 114’, Toril still had two changes left. Two strikers on bench. A logical decision would be to bring at least one of them, at least for the penalty shoot-out. However, he brings on Freja for Toletti. The team needed a goal and the change was a defensive midfielder.

The penalties came. Weir takes the first one, scores. Atletico scores theirs too. Olga takes the second and her penalty is saved. Atleti, however, don’t miss, once again. Next up was Tere whose penalty was also saved. Misa managed to save Atletico’s next one, however Svava skied it in the next one.

It’s over. A match that could’ve meant everything was ruined with the changes. Kudos to the players, hoping they come back from this stronger than ever.

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