Corporate Governance and Our Wrong Strategies: Second Round of Discussions

After another round of serious brainstorming and analysis of our beloved team, I have categorized the following recommendations for Real Madrid:

Philosophy of Real Madrid:

Our Vision:

We will make Real Madrid not only a prodigious example in the Football world, but an example in the whole Corporate World.

Our Missions:

Next 10 years Missions (earlier, we had some other practices. Let’s try these for the next decade):

Mission 1: We Earn, We Burn;

Mission 2: We will come out of all current debts by 2033;

Mission 3: We will have zero tolerance for any sort of corruption;

Mission 4: In recruitment, we should have zero tolerance for color, culture, education, quality, and experiences. We should have a conflict of interest condition so that brothers, sisters, lovers, fathers and mothers are not appointed to the club. We should not only focus on Brazil. Our policy should be totally multicultural; and

Mission 5: Zero tolerance for any form of discrimination, abuse, sexual or any sort of.

Our Defense:

Our defense is full of injury-prone players. Many of them are over aged considering the current day’s physicality, pressure, and relentless, unbounded attention (second by second and minute by minute). We need to replace those players at the earliest possible time; sooner is better for the team. Here we should consider the cases of Mendy, Alaba, Vallejo, Odriozola and others. I will demand clarifications from the President and the Real Madrid Board as a dedicated fan of more than 53 years about this: why we are keeping players (months after months and years after years) like Mr. Hazard in the team when there is no contribution from them in real playing time? Why are we keeping so many players who are either not capable considering the level of Real Madrid’s quality or who have a long history of injury? I know that it could be an injustice to be ruthless like this. But this modern world is really an inhuman world where only ruthlessness wins and winners take it all.

Rather, we should keep at least four very young players within the age bracket of 20-22 years and give them some playing time with the poor teams in La Liga and Copa Del Rey so that they can learn the practices and philosophies of Madrid and slowly make them ambitious and dreamers to be the best in their individual areas of the world.

Anybody can raise the question of governance here about the offloading of a player on contract. I can fairly understand this. In this case, we should have a contract with all players for three years initially, and then, considering their performances, we should extend it for two years and one year after another if needed. We should consider the fact that this world is a very dynamic world, and on a daily basis, many dynamic players/assets are emerging. Thus, there are plenty of assets around us if we have a soundly managed financial portfolio (i.e., financial reserve in cash, not other assets).

Our Offense:

This area needs serious concentration and consideration immediately. We should consider offloading Hazard and Mariano next season and bringing in two young players in the age bracket of 20-22 years and giving them the same opportunities as I have indicated in the area of defense.

And we should have good patience and creativity for managing and building the young players as one of the world’s best assets. We should not make another mistake like Mr. Martin Odegaard. Just think how worthy he is now.

About Coach:

A coach should not be a one-eyed personality. He must not consider the 11 best players and play all the time with them and make them injury-prone. They are the most valuable assets and are not machines. This way, at the end of the day, we will be losing in all frontiers, ie, during the pressing playing days, we are not getting the services at the peak level of the best. This way, we will lose La Liga every year. I am afraid the same thing will happen to Championship.

To make Asensio a worthy player again, please arrange some good time with a professionally sound psychologist on a daily basis contract and specific terms of reference so that he can again contribute to the team in a bigger role.

Our Priority:

Our first priority should be La Liga; and

The second priority should be the European Championship.

Caution: In the long run, if a team is not the KING at home, it would never be able to create much value in winning the European Championship every year.

Greed and Competition:

We will definitely be greedy with healthy and ethical motivation, not like the teams in the premier league. I can give a 100% guarantee that the Premier League will never be a healthy competition, and most of the teams there will have very fragile governance systems. You will find that most of the teams are owned by corporate buccaneers with systemic imbalances and unethical practices. They will find immediately that the teams are not paying back their investment, and they will soon be drifted with frustrations and make many mistakes and unethical judgments. Thus, you will find that every year there is a sale and purchase of Premier League teams. Yes, you can do it if you have petrodollars lying as idle assets in your banks for years and if you want to buy your name and fame with these sorts of movements.

I can give 100% guarantees on another issue: a nation is also judged by the qualities of its football teams’ managers. Maybe within the next few months, I may get phone calls from the UK where they will ask my time (since I am a management consultant) whether I can come and manage their country since they are filling up positions of managers in all of their enterprises by foreigners (let’s take it as nothing wrong in this world of imbalances!).