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Immediate Reaction: Sevilla 0 - 2 Real Madrid; Liga F

Three points after 90 minutes of gray moments.

Athenea del Castillo and Olga Carmona of Real Madrid Femenino celebrate Athenea’s goal against Sevilla FC
Athenea and Olga celebrate a goal against Sevilla FC
La Liga

First time winning on Jesús Navas. Real Madrid won 0-2 against Sevilla in matchday 28 of Liga F. Below are my views on the match.

For this match, Alberto Toril decided on four changes from the last weekend. The biggest change here would definitely be absence of Rocío in the starting line-up as Ivana took her place for this match. On the other hand, Athenea finally got her rest after a bad run where she had appeared to be exhausted for weeks. Feller took her place. Instead of unavailable Teresa, the unexpected change here was Freja Siri who joined Weir and Toletti in midfield. Last but not least, Olga started against her old club instead of Svava who got a start last week.

  • In the first 30 seconds of the match, Real Madrid created the first action of the match. With Linda and Olga combining on the left, the cross that was sent in wasn’t cleared properly and Møller tried to shoot but there were too many defenders between her and the goal, soon after the ball was cleared.
  • In the next few minutes, Las Blancas tried a few crosses from the left side that ended nowhere. Weir took a freekick in 17’ trying to reach the goal by ground but it wasn’t strong enough and Sullastres had no problems catching here.
  • 29’: GOAL by Olga Carmona (0-1)! Clean pass from Toletti got to Linda on the left wing to send it to Olga who ran in just in time. She chose not to celebrate against her old club.
  • There was nothing memorable left in the first half. There were only numerous random crosses, mainly from Olga.
  • No changes from Real Madrid at halftime while Sevilla made one change.
  • The second half was just as annoying. There were a couple of hit crossbars from Las Blancas and, once again, many missed crosses. At 63’ Møller and Feller got off for Esther and Athenea. Neither had a lot of impact on the match. Møller had a few combinations with Weir, and one pass to Feller’s head which almost ended in a goal minutes before their substitution.
  • Six minutes later, Kathellen got a cramp and was carried off by Misa. Rocío came on instead. Kathellen’s game wasn’t a shining one, anyway, but hopefully it’s nothing serious with her. Esther didn’t show much more than Møller did, but Athenea showed that the rest she got helped a lot.
  • 83’: GOAL by Athenea del Castillo (0-2)! Another action in which Linda was the protagonist. The Colombian initiated the counterattack from Madrid’s box. After a long run, she gave it to Weir on her left side who let go of the ball before she was stopped. Athenea got it and finished it off.
  • At 88’, Weir and Olga got off for Maite and Svava. Not a shining match for Olga either, but she got her goal. Weir got only 2 minutes of rest after bagging an assist to Athenea.

Not the most interesting match, that’s for sure, but three points closer to the second place. Next up is Levante.

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