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OFFICIAL: Managing Madrid Podcast Hits the Road for Pre-Season Tour

We’re doing a podcast in LA, Houston, and Dallas as we follow Real Madrid around!

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The Managing Madrid podcast, the popular show dedicated to all things Real Madrid, is taking its passion to the next level by embarking on a pre-season tour in the United States. Managing Madrid will be following the team as they play in Los Angeles, Houston, and Dallas, and will be recording live episodes with fans in each of those cities.

The tour is a unique opportunity for the podcast to connect with its loyal listeners and to share their insights and opinions on the latest news and developments of the club while also interacting with the fans and giving away signed stuff from the Real Madrid players.

The tour dates and venues are as follows:

Tickets are available online at Each ticket includes a chance to win prizes such as signed stuff from the Real Madrid players. Fans are encouraged to wear their Real Madrid gear and to bring their questions and comments for the hosts.

The Managing Madrid podcast is one of the most popular and respected shows about Real Madrid in the world. It covers everything from match reviews and previews, to transfer rumors and tactical analysis, to historical and cultural topics related to the club. The podcast is is available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, and other platforms.

Don’t miss this chance to join the Managing Madrid podcast on their pre-season tour and to experience the excitement and passion of Real Madrid fandom in person. Hala Madrid!

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