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Güler roulette highlights a gruelling double training session at Real Madrid City

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Real Madrid Training Session Photo by Pedro Castillo/Real Madrid via Getty Images

Real Madrid are working hard to get ready for the new season under Carlo Ancelotti. The players have been undergoing rigorous physical tests and exercises to improve their fitness and stamina ahead of the USA pre-season tour.

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On Wednesday, the team completed a double session at Real Madrid City, with a morning and an evening workout. The morning session focused on indoor gym work and outdoor cardio drills. The players had to run laps around the pitch, sprint up and down, and do various agility exercises.

The evening session was more ball-oriented, as the players practiced possession, pressing, passing, and finishing. They also played a game on a smaller pitch to work on their tactical awareness and movement. Ancelotti supervised the session and gave instructions to his players.

One of the highlights of the day was the roulette performed by Arda Güler, the 18-year-old sensation who joined Real Madrid from Fenerbahçe last week. The Turkish winger showed his confidence and flair by spinning 360 degrees with the ball before scoring:

Real Madrid will continue their pre-season training tomorrow. More gruelling sessions await.

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