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Ancelotti: “Vinícius is adapting well to the new system”

The coach spoke after the latest pre-season victory.

Real Madrid v Manchester United - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Real Madrid have won both of their pre-season games so far, having defeated Manchester United 2-0 in Houston thanks to an early Jude Bellingham and late Joselu goal. Both signings were discussed by Carlo Ancelotti afterwards, while the coach analysed the game as a whole as so: “We played with a lot of intensity. We had a good attitude. We defended really well, better than in the first game. This is a team with great quality, physically and technically. I’m happy.”

Ancelotti on Bellingham’s goal

Discussing the Bellingham goal, scored in the fifth minute, the coach said: “Bellingham’s goal demonstrates the quality he has. He ran through the lines at the exact right time and collected Rüdiger’s fantastic ball. He also played really well defensively, often dropping into the midfield line to make it more like a traditional 4-4-2.”

Ancelotti on Joselu’s goal

As for Joselu’s overhead kick goal late on, the Italian was asked if this might give the striker an injection of confidence. He replied: “I don’t think he needs confidence because we showed a lot of confidence in him when we signed him. We know what he can do. He is a great penalty box player and his goal today was one that you rarely see.”

Ancelotti on the new system

Following a question from Managing Madrid’s Kiyan Sobhani, Ancelotti discussed the new diamond system that Real Madrid have been experimenting with and said: “I think Vinícius is having to adapt more than Rodrygo, as Rodrygo is used to playing inside. Vinícius is adapting, as he likes the position. He is really dangerous because when he plays inside he is closest to the goal. He is very fast and, with the ball behind the defensive line, he is very dangerous. I think he is adapting well and he enjoys playing a little more centrally. He still needs to play out wide at times, because he’s very good out wide, but both he and Rodrygo create problems when we win the ball back. They are so quick and in transition we can play more direct. I think the new system is working well. It’s going how we expected.”

Ancelotti on Courtois and Güler

Both Thibaut Courtois and Arda Güler sat this game out for physical reasons and the coach gave a brief update, stating: “Courtois has had a minor physical issue and it didn’t make sense to risk him here. I think he’ll be able to play in the next game. It’s like with Arda Güler, as I think he’ll recover soon.”

Ancelotti on the state of the squad

The coach was asked for his thoughts on the squad in general and if he thinks more additions are needed. To that, he said: “I think the squad has improved a lot with the new signings. It’s hard for me to pick the players as a coach. I think the squad is already very good as it is. It’s complete.”

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