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The Garrison: 29 Aug 2023

The Birmingham Edition of the Daily Merengue

Athletic de Bilbao v Real Madrid - La Liga EA Sports Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images

A Soldier’s Minute

“Where’s Benzema y’think Juni?”

It’s like with [redacted]. Close your eyes. They’re just gone...just...gone.

— Judinho


Welcome to The Peaky Madridstas Edition of The Daily Merengue — a place where you can feel free to discuss all things football. Do not be alarmed by the overt RMCF bias. It’s in the name!

Shoutout to the MM Moderator Company Limited who do a fantastic job, Valyrian Steel, KungFuZizou, NeRObutBlanco, Felipejack, and Judinho Shelby.


“And GFE said that after [redacted] died you went to France and to war. And the the sweet boy who left never came back” — Bernabeuboi

“No one came back...” - Judinho

“So we should shake hands with the devil...and walk past?!” — Notsogoodlawyer

“Mr. Judinho you have a lot of enemies...many enemies” — TRMadridsta

“Remember God spared you and what did you do with that extra time...and what did you do with that time eh Juni?”— conquense

“By Order of the Peaky Blinders” - Ivatar

From Birmingham To Bernabeu

Even in practice the kid from Birmingham continues to make us proud. Only a few more days until his Bernabeu debut.

Reflections on a Bar Napkin

If there is one thing you can do this week is to take time and read Kiyan’s NINE Tactical Observations. This week, he shares insights on all our favorite Blinders — an extensive analysis on Birmingham’s Boy, Praise for Tchouameni and Fede, Camo Cama Camavinga, and a visual look at Vini in a central position.

Seriously take a look:

9 Tactical Observations By Kiyan

Also check out this short clip:


Best Midfielder to Replace Kroos?

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517 votes total Vote Now

Your Soldier’s Minute

“You’re able to continue your transfer dealings even after what happened...Perhaps you didn’t love [redacted].” — FzReal

“[redacted] is here by my side and [redacted] says “Don’t Trust These People” — Judinho

It has been 85 days since Benzema left Real Madrid to join the Saudi League. It has been 85 days without a #9. I’m not here to say what will happen or what has happened. It’s in the past. And the past is not my concern...and the future is not either. We Blinders only have one minute. The soldier’s minute. In that minute everything all at once.

Transfer window closes Sept 1 at 23:59. Until then, anything can happen.

Now What I’ve ACTUALLY Waited For: Gifs

The Legend of A Kid From Birmingham:

Written By A Wise Fool:

Boku wa tada kimi ni sayonara o iu renshū o suru

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