The Case of Quality of Real Madrid and the Football World

1.0 The Recent Indictment:

Football brings us immense joy, fun, amusement, entertainment, loyalty, illusion, and emotion. Every year, we anxiously wait to see what will happen to our beloved club as well as to the rest of the football world. On the flip side; it has serious corruptions, abuse, discriminations, harassments, bedevilment, dehumanization, dictators and mismanagement. The recent developments in European Football has once again solidified my argument that football world is not managed by professionally prolific personalities and good-hearted individuals. In many cases it is managed and organized my devils.

I am not a naïve enough to believe that a coach comes to manage a football club and he is giving appointments to many members of his family to the club’s different managerial positions by using his own authority. I am not naïve enough to believe that all the clubs in Spain be they men’s or women’s, are fully united to strongly condemning the incident involving Luis Rubiales and Ms Jenni on the Women’s World Cup podium showing the rest of the world what is happening in front of cameras and in front of whole world. I do not know what takes place behind the cameras/scenes, behind closed doors, behind the stadiums and other corners of the football world.

Interestingly, majority of male footballers are totally silent as well as their football clubs. It raises lots of questions whether they truly uphold corporate culture, democracy or decent working conditions despite being hailed as great clubs in the world and being bestowed with different prestigious titles, trophies, medals and prizes. Do they genuinely deserve these honors???

2.0 Management of Real Madrid:

I am not gullible enough to believe that we (the principal, the Real Madrid) and backward linkage industry (Castilla) do not have significant gap in developing players for defense, mid field and offense.

The most significant strategic mistake is that we failed to develop our backward linkage industry in a highly prolific manner. The industry should serve as a prima facie source of million dollar assets for the market as well as our internal purposes. I would be foolish to believe that we share a common vision and mission. Consequently, we are buying from others with the investment of hundreds of millions dollars. We should have clear missions of developing defenders, mid fielders and strikers. I have lack of information on how Castilla and other backward-linked structures of Real Madrid are planned and managed. As previously stated that football clubs are rarely managed and directed by professionally prolific personalities. We were earlier struggling with lack of quality of defensive players. Now we have serious problem in our offense. It is naïve to assume that we are buying all the world class mid-fielders without a quality plan! I have questions such as:

Do we have specific missions for next five years for development of defenders?

Do we have specific missions for next five years for development of midfielders?

Do we have specific missions for next five years for development of strikers?

Do we have specific missions for next five years for development of goalkeepers?