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Immediate Reaction: Valencia 0 - 2 Real Madrid; Liga F

Three points from a messy game.

Valencia CF v Real Madrid - Liga F Photo by Manuel Queimadelos/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

First three points of the season after beating Valencia away 0-2. Below are my views on the match.

Alberto Toril decided on the standard 4-2-3-1 formation for the first league match of the season, against Valencia. Misa is back and with that she immediately takes her spot on the goal, Rocío and Kathellen as center backs, while Oihane and Olga are on full back positions. Teresa takes Zornoza’s spot in the midfield for this match, playing alongside Toletti and Weir. Bruun leads the attack with Caicedo and Athenea on the wings.

The game started off in the best way possible. It immediately gave an impression it was going to be an interesting one.

1’: GOAL by Athenea(0-1)! Inside the first 40 seconds, Las Blancas take the lead after Linda’s run and dribble inside the area to pass it to Athenea who was positioned well in front of the goal to push it in. Getting an early lead is always good.

Sadly, the first impression of the game was quite off. Real Madrid had the control over the game, that’s for sure, however there were struggles in other areas. The former Madridista player, Claudia Florentino, who couldn’t stop Caicedo in that first action of the game, decided to make up for it and managed to shut down Madrid’s attack quite a few times. More often than not, Bruun was left without options since even the crosses couldn’t arrive. The first half had barely many shots, but the goal was possibly the only one on target in the first 45 minutes.

Valencia made a double change at halftime hoping to turn the game around. It didn’t do much, as Real Madrid continued on their way and controlled the game still. In 60’, Hayley Raso got her debut for Real Madrid. She got on instead of Athenea and Bruun was subbed off for Feller in the same minute. Raso was operating on the right and Feller acted as a center forward, which ultimately made an impact.

The shots kept coming. Zornoza had a close call by hitting the crossbar from below and it seemed like the ball might’ve crossed the line before bouncing out, but the camera angles weren’t enough to tell, so it stayed 0-1. At times, Las Blancas would become frustrated in the final third and just shoot blindly which resulted in a number of long-range shots going way off target.

72’: GOAL by Feller(0-2)! Weir recovered the ball on the right and escaped with it to the center, finally passing it to Olga on the left. She decided to immediately put the ball into the area, trying to get it to Toletti running in front of the goal, but she misjudged it by a little and it passed her. Enith Salón didn’t manage to catch the ball, instead it bounced off to Feller who was in front of her, and her ball got bounced off a defender who was halfway inside the goal already, finally the second rebound by Feller goes in. A chaotic goal to double the lead.

A few minutes later, Kenti and Zornoza got in for Oihane and Toletti, while Møller got in at 88’ for Linda. In the end. the game finished with 27 shots by Real Madrid out of which only 7 were on target. Valencia managed only one on target out of 4 in total. The game was certainly chaotic, even though it was under the control of Las Blancas.

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