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Ancelotti: “At this time, we are not considering signing another centre-back”

The coach spoke before Wednesday’s game against Mallorca

Real Madrid Training Session Photo by Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images

In a lengthy press conference, Ancelotti was asked about his renewal, new signings, Brazil contacts and a lot more. When asked about a new centre-back signing, Ancelotti said: “At this time, we are not considering signing another centre-back. We are missing two very important centre-backs, but we have two others whom we trust a lot, Rüdiger and Nacho, and Tchouameni and Carvajal can do well in an emergency.”

Ancelotti on the preparations for the next game

“I want to start this new section of the season well. We have had good news in the last training sessions. Vini, Carvajal, Arda are back. Mendy and Camavinga will return next week. The news is good, and tomorrow, we will try to play a good game with intensity and commitment, to start the year well.”

Ancelotti on his seamless renewal

“Very happy with the renewal. It was quite simple. It has been a very quick process. I am very happy to continue another two years as coach of Real Madrid.

“For me, the fact that the club wants to continue with my work is valuable. The rest is not that important. I have always said that I was in no hurry with the renewal. The club has chosen to do it now because they are probably happy with the work we are doing and want to continue. I don’t know if it’s a success. Success here is winning games and that is what we will try to do with this renewal.”

Ancelotti on who will start in goal for the rest of the season

“I haven’t made the decision, because both of them make me doubt it. It is not correct for either of them that I decide the starting goalkeeper at this moment. In each game, I am going to choose the goalkeeper that gives me the most confidence.”

Ancelotti on whether Perez has changed from 2013 to now

“He hasn’t changed. His motivation and love for this team have only grown since he was little. His career at the club is fantastic. He has very clear ideas about the future, which is why the club is in very good hands.”

Ancelotti on his future

“It is my last coaching job, I confirm it. When this ends, I don’t know. I can still be here after 2026, after whatever success we can have. 2026 may or may not be the last year I don’t train. I want to be a coach and I hope I can be one in 2027 and 2028. I like Madrid and I want to stay here.”

Ancelotti on links with Brazil National Team

“The reality, everyone knows, is that I had contacts with the president of the CBF. I want to thank Ednaldo Rodrigues for the love and interest shown. But this was pending the situation I had with Real Madrid. Let this be clear to everyone. I want to thank you for the love, but in the end things have turned out as I wanted: to stay here.”

Ancelotti on the season so far

“We have to wait for what is going to happen this season. I think the team is changing little by little. We have many resources that have not yet been able to express themselves, like Arda Güler, who is finally returning to his level. We have to wait for what happens in the remainder of the season. In the first half, with many problems, we did very well.”

Ancelotti on the starting GK vs Mallorca

“Kepa has had the flu, he has not trained in recent days and therefore Lunin is playing.”

Ancelotti on the three players returning from injury

“Güler’s absence was longer. Carvajal is going to play from the beginning, I have not yet decided on Vinicius. I have to talk about it with the player and with the doctors. In training, he has shown that he is very, very good.”

Ancelotti on whether he would want to coach Brazil NT after 2026

“I don’t know if Brazil will want me in 2026, I don’t know if they are happy with my decision.”

Ancelotti on the expiring contracts of Modric, Kroos and Nacho

“There are players who are out of contract, but they will choose what they want to do themselves. Kroos, Nacho, Modric, the future is already being outlined. It seems like it’s too soon. We are not thinking about what is going to happen in the summer of 2024. We do not have to do many things because the team is in a very good direction with very important young people and another who will arrive who is very good.”

Ancelotti on Arda Güler

“The important thing for him is that he is well. Little by little, he is recovering to his best level. We all have to think about not being in a hurry with him because he is very young. He will have all the time in the world to play for us. If I can give him minutes tomorrow, he will have minutes tomorrow. If not, it will be another game.”

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