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Capello explains why Ancelotti is the best coach in the world, and what separates him from Xavi

The Italian also stated which out of Mbappe and Haaland would fit Real Madrid the best tactically

Italian Football Federation ‘Panchina D’Oro’ Prize Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Former Real Madrid and Italy manager Fabio Capello has hailed Carlo Ancelotti as the best coach in the world, and goes in depth on why his methods are the best.

Capello, who won two league titles with Real Madrid in 1997 and 2007, spoke to Spanish newspaper Marca about Ancelotti’s achievements and his admiration for his compatriot.

“He’s the clear best coach in the world,” Capello said. He has won everywhere he has worked. It is very difficult to win as much as Carlo has won. He goes to Germany and wins, he goes to England and wins, in Italy he goes and it’s not that he wins, it’s just that what he does is a miracle, I never thought he could win a title with the team he had.

“His secret is that he is intelligent. He doesn’t have a system, it depends on the players he has. Knowing how to adapt is a sign of intelligence. You can’t always play with the same style, it depends on the players you have. You have to put your players in the right place and with the scheme that allows them to perform better and to give their 100%.

“Don’t believe that it is easy. Many coaches say: ‘You have to play this way,’ and that you always play the same way. Watch the last Madrid-Barça. You know Barcelona have quality players and very fast forwards, and they put the defensive line in the middle of the field... ‘Well, thank you very much!’, Carlo must have thought.

“There are coaches who insist: “‘this is my system, it’s my way of playing.’ You have to study and prepare for each match, you have to always have a winning spirit and mentality, but one of the most important things is knowing your opponent and how to play with them, their characteristics, where they are good and where they are not.

When asked whether or not Ancelotti’s success is down to the stars that he is, Capello laughed, quite literally, out loud.

“Sorry, I just have to laugh...” Capello explained. “Whoever says that means he doesn’t understand anything. That is the most difficult of all: managing the locker room, the players, the stars.

“The more stars you have, the harder it is. And Carlo has many stars. Because there everyone wants to be THE star, not one of the stars. Hahaha, he’s just a manager... He’s really good.”

When asked whether or not Kylian Mbappe and Erlind Haaland are the two best players in the world, Capello quickly interrupted to replace Haaland with Jude Bellingham.

“For me the two footballers who are going to fight like Messi and Cristiano did are Mbappé and Bellingham.

“The two of them have more technical quality than Haaland. The Norwegian is a tremendous forward, an animal, and he is also good technically, a goal-scoring man. But Mbappé and Bellingham have it all: goals, technical quality, dribbling... Haaland is an area player, the best as a pure forward, as number 9.

“There are almost no more number 9s, there are very few. But Mbappé and Bellingham have something different.

“If Madrid is going to sign one of them, they should ask themselves if they have a center forward, and they don’t. They needs more of that, and the best is Haaland. But if you look at who is the best footballer, that is Mbappé

“Mbappé is not a center forward, he likes to play more on the wing. Madrid already has Vinicius in that band, but Mbappé is Mbappé! If Madrid is going to sign, they have to ask themselves if they have a center forward now. And they don’t have one. They need that more. But if you are going to look at technical quality, who is the better footballer, Mbappé is above Haaland.”

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