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Fede Valverde: “Atlético Madrid are one of the best teams not only in Spain, but in the world”

The midfield spoke before the Spanish Super Cup semi-final

FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2022 - Rabat Photo by David Ramos - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

Ahead of the Spanish Super Cup semi-final against Atlético Madrid, Fede Valverde faced the press to discuss the tie and the competition and a first shot at potential silverware. Asked about the upcoming trio of Madrid derbies, Valverde said, “for me, it’s beautiful to play this kind of game. Being at Real Madrid, the most beautiful thing is to play the best teams and, for me, Atlético Madrid are one of the best teams not only in Spain, but in the world. On top of that, we’re playing for a title and then the Copa del Rey which will be an important game too, and LALIGA too. If we want to fight for titles or rest in some, we have to show our character to our fans to prove we want to fight for everything.”

Valverde on the fixture

“We’re very excited, it’s another title and another deby among all those we have to play this month. It’s a beautiful game to show that we can fight for many titles this season, and we’re happy to compete in the Super Cup again.”

Valverde on that tackle against Morata in 2020

“I remember not that move, but that title. It was special to win another title with Real Madrid and celebrate with my team-mates, my dad, my wife and my children. This club demands that you win titles.”

Valverde on if he would repeat that tackle

“Of course, I would. Whenever it’s for the best of the team. If we’re 3-0 up and it has no meaning then I wouldn’t, but in that game we were drawing and fighting for a title. I’d do it again for my team-mates and for the team. You have to give your all for the team.”

Valverde on his preferred position

“I’ve always played in a central position, for Uruguay and Real Madrid as a five. Now, I can play in various positions which helps the team and the coach and I think he’s happy that I have that attitude. It allows me to be closer to the box, as well as defend. Whenever I talk to my family, where I think I can contribute the most, is playing there to attack and defend.”

Valverde on football in Saudi Arabia

“I think there’s been a lot of progress with the players who have come here. For example, Cristiano, who started all this. It shows what they want to do and to have players of that quality is important.”

Valverde on respect for the competition

“It’s always great to compete and fight for titles with Real Madrid. There are people who think the Super Cup should be in Spain. We don’t care, we’re just here to come and play and hope to win the title and make our fans happy by winning titles. We always try to contribute however we can and be united as a team to respect the Super Cup.”

Valverde on if he’s in his prime

“I think I can add something in my current position, like anywhere on the field. I could be scoring more goals like last season, but I adapt to where the coach puts me. I’m like a kid, I’ll do whatever my coach tells me to.”

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