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Kroos to Managing Madrid: “I’m happy with my performances, but the real season starts in March or April.”

Before the match RB Leipzig - Real Madrid Photo by Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images

Toni Kroos took to the podium today at Red Bull Arena in Leipzig to answer questions in the pre-match press conference. Managing Madrid was on hand to cover the training and press conferences in person.

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Is this his best season ever?

“I mean, it’s not that easy to be honest. We’ve had so many successful years over the past 10 years. It’s difficult to choose one season over another. Of course I’m pretty to be able to reach this age and to continue to play like this. But as we know, and there is a saying that for Real Madrid, the real season starts in March. So let’s see what happens this season.”

A decision on the future?

“I don’t know, really. I’m glad that so many people want me to continue. There is no decision.

“Euro 2024? Those are all the problems I have. I have not made either decision. I want to finish my career at a very high level. I am the same as I was a year ago. We will see. I want to make the right decision. The national team is a possibility, but I haven’t decided anything.

“Bayern? I love that someone wants me in their club, but that’s certainly not going to happen.

How is he still so good at his current age?

“You have to be motivated, with the same desire to win like 10 years ago. If not, you won’t make it. And that’s the way the body works, because I take great care of it. Things are going well.”

Getting whistled in Saudi Arabia

“It was confirmation that what I said is correct.”

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