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Ancelotti: “If Toni Kroos retires in four months, he has balls”

The coach spoke before the game against Girona

Carlo Ancelotti Press Conference - Real Madrid Training Day In Valdebebas Photo By Oscar J. Barroso/Europa Press via Getty Images

Carlo Ancelotti spoke ahead of Real Madrid’s top of the table clash with Girona, and one of the topics raised was the potential retirement of Toni Kroos at the end of the season, and Ancelotti said, “what do I think? I think if he does that, he has character, he has balls.” He was also asked if Kroos should follow his mother’s advice to stay at the club, where he added, “we always have to respect our parents, and that’s something which is missing in these generations. It’s a decision which Toni will take at the right time and in the right way.”

Ancelotti on whether this is a title decider

“Obviously winning tomorrow gives us an advantage, but the season is very long. We’re very well positioned and so are Girona. Tomorrow’s game won’t decide anything, that will be what’s happening in the next few months. Tomorrow will just give an advantage, but the title will be decided further down the line. Both we and Girona have a lot of points at this time, so the more points we get, the closer to 80 points we are, the closer we are to winning.”

Ancelotti on Antonio Rüdiger and Vinícius Júnior’s fitness

“Rüdiger trained today for the first time and was good, tomorrow we will see and test him to see if he feels good, then he’ll play, but if he doesn’t, we won’t risk it. It’s not a high risk injury, but we will see how he reacts tomorrow. Vinícius is good.”

Ancelotti on Girona’s advertisement billboard in Madrid

“The hope that Girona has is big, they have a lot of motivation to come here and be close to us. They can win the game and lead LALIGA. That hope is important, we have to keep it in mind. The second thing is that they have the money to rent a spot to advertise in Madrid, that’s not cheap.”

Ancelotti on the game itself

“It’s a demanding game against a team who has done better than anyone, alongside Real Madrid. It will be a difficult game, Girona are doing very well and we respect them a lot. Let’s see what happens tomorrow, we have a lot of confidence to win again after the draw.”

Ancelotti on Míchel being suspended

“Football is for the players and I still believe that. A coach’s presence can give confidence, but it’s not decisive.”

Ancelotti on whether it was the right call to send him off

“Every coach exaggerates a bit when we protest, and needs a bit more understanding in the context of what’s going on. A bit more understanding would have allowed him to be there tomorrow.”

Ancelotti on Manchester City’s signing of Savio and City Football Group

“Girona is a team in our league, they’re doing very well and are our rivals. They’re a very close rival for us.”

Ancelotti on rotating goalkeepers

“The goalkeeper topic came up in November when Kepa got injured, and Lunin has come in and played and contributed. It’s not hard to choose who plays, it’s hard to choose who is the substitute. Neither deserves to be the substitute.”

Ancelotti on Real Madrid’s 50% rights on Miguel Gutiérrez

“Every player in this situation is evaluated and watched every day, every week. Miguel Gutiérrez has done very well and is benefitting from this experience, playing very well with Girona. In the summer we’ll make a decision with Girona and the player.”

Ancelotti on his defenders helping each other

“I can’t say much to Carvajal, he’s already an expert. Rüdiger gives a lot of advice to Tchouameni, Carvajal doesn’t need that because he knows already. We work on it in training as much as possible. Carvajal has played there a lot in training.”

Ancelotti on his team’s form

“January is a very complicated month, but we’ve got through it well. In February, the Champions League is back, but we come into it in good form. We’re in a good condition, obviously with the emergency in defence, but when Rüdiger is back that will be over and we can think about a positive month.”

Ancelotti on the proposed ‘blue card’

“The blue card, I don’t know. My idea is to simplify the rules as much as possible. That should be the idea to simplify it for the referee because each year it is more complicated. I don’t know if it makes it easier or if it complicates things for a referee.”

Ancelotti on the team’s luck

“I don’t think there’s a feeling of bad luck, if there was, that would mean you’d given up. This team hasn’t given up. This squad wants to show what it has, a lot of motivation and commitment.”

Ancelotti on Rodrygo’s goal drought

“If you tell someone to think about all the animals but a cat, all you think about is a cat. I can’t tell Rodrygo not to think about goals. He’s contributing and playing well, I haven’t spoken to him and I won’t speak to him about the goals he hasn’t scored. What’s important is to contribute as he is and is doing very well.”

Ancelotti on Nacho’s fitness

“Nacho has started individual work today, it’s an overload, not an injury, so for Tuesday, he’ll be okay.”

Ancelotti on the hard tackle on Kylian Mbappé

“I haven’t seen it. I only watched the Copa del Rey games.”

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