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Managing Madrid Chat

Discussion: Would Mahrez be a good signing?

Kiyan and Lucas unpack that question and provide their thoughts

Discussion: 8 transfer names for Real Madrid

Kiyan and Lucas give their thoughts on each one.

Discussion: Is Gareth Bale the best right winger in Real Madrid history?

Kiyan and Lucas answer the question over the course of 13 minutes

Discussion: Who should Rudiger bench?

Kiyan and Lucas discuss who starts next season if the entire backline is healthy

Discussion: How much should Real Madrid spend on Tchouameni?

Kiyan and Lucas also discuss Bernardo Silva, and whether or not Dybala would be a good tactical fit

A discussion on Jovic and Camavinga

Kiyan and Om discuss the state of Jovic, what Camavinga needs to work on, and whether or not Griezmann would’ve been a good signing in 2019

Video reaction to last night’s historic comeback vs Manchester City

Kiyan, Ed, and Euan react right after the game

VIDEO Podcast! Real Madrid vs Manchester City tactical preview

Kiyan, Jose, and Sid provide you with a bit of optimism to tide you over until kick-off

A discussion on Benzema’s clutch gene

Kiyan and Lucas are asked to compare Benzema this season to Ronaldo’s best seasons

Video Podcast: Manchester City Post-game Analysis

A breakdown from Kiyan and Ed

VIDEO: Manchester City 1st leg preview

Kiyan and Jose talk about the upcoming tactical battle tonight

PSA: Manchester City vs Real Madrid post-game podcast will be live on Zoom

Details here

School of Real Madrid VIDEO: How Real Madrid’s European DNA Got Them Past Chelsea

The re-launch. We’re back.

Discussion: How does Rudiger fit at Real Madrid?

Kiyan and Lucas discuss the tactical fit and what next year’s backline could look like

Discussion: What is Fede’s best position?

A clip from Kiyan and Lucas addressing that exact question

VIDEO: Interactive Real Madrid Q&A session live in Chicago

A 2-hour+ clip of Kiyan having conversations with Madridistas in the Windy City

VIDEO: How Real Madrid flipped the switch against Sevilla

A 30-minute segment from Kiyan and Matt breaking down the comeback

VIDEO: How much do Clasicos actually matter? Thoughts on Barca’s exit and Real’s advancement

Here’s an 8 minute discussion from Kiyan and Diego, clipped from today’s Churros

VIDEO: The 2nd leg tactical battle, and a discussion on Reece James

We’ve compiled clips from the last two Patron podcasts here for you to enjoy

VIDEO: Chelsea pre-game thoughts

Something to tide you over until kick off

VIDEO discussion: How the Casemiro - Valverde - Camavinga midfield functions

VIDEO: Review of Real Madrid’s win over Chelsea and what Tuchel got wrong

VIDEO: Chelsea vs Real Madrid Preview

Discussion: Real Madrid’s (realistic) future midfield. PLUS: Would Pogba be a good signing?

VIDEO discussion: Remembering Coentrao, Gago, and Portillo

VIDEO: Why aren’t Real Madrid trying to sign Mazraoui?

A story about the Spanish media and Gareth Bale

Kiyan Sobhani discusses the complicated situation, and also talks about Real Madrid’s relationship with Managing Madrid compared to their relationship with the Spanish media

Discussion: What’s the next step in the evolution of Vinicus Jr?

A discussion on Real Madrid’s incorporation of youth players

Video reaction from the Bernabeu after a disastrous Clasico

VIDEO: El Clasico pre-game discussion

Kiyan Sobhani is joined by Lucas Navarrete and Diego Lorijn to discuss some thoughts on this weekend’s game

VIDEO: Checking in on Real Madrid’s press and Vinicius’s long-term health

Kiyan and Om also discuss some of the referee decisions on Monday night