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Managing Madrid Editorials

Measuring Success: What’s Changed in Vinicius Junior’s Game to Ignite the Goal Glut

The Brazilian is the best form of his life, but what elements of his game have been adjusted to spur the sudden change?

Magic in Manchester

The first of many historic European nights...

Analyzing Real Madrid Femenino’s Squad Profile

Do Las Blancas have enough in defense and midfield?

Sergio Ramos: Forever Etched Into The Hearts Of Madridistas

A tribute to Sergio Ramos from a fan who can’t fathom Real Madrid without its captain.

Statistical Deep Dive: Who Are Real Madrid Femenino’s Most Impactful Players?

Cardona, Asllani, and Jakobsson are the obvious ones, but are there any surprising insights?

Real Madrid Femenino’s History Cannot Be Written Without Mentioning Kosovare Asllani

Real Madrid Need To Catch Up To Barcelona’s Level Of Long-Term Investment In Their Women’s Team

Real Madrid Femenino have made great strides in such a short time but cannot expect to compete with Barcelona Femení without the requisite time and resources.

The Case For Olga Carmona To Be Real Madrid Femenino’s Starting Left Winger

Olga Carmona has been an offensive spark in her limited minutes and has done enough to warrant starting minutes on the left wing.

Marta Cardona’s Intelligence & Class Were On Display Against Real Betis

Cardona demonstrated her excellent off-ball movement and ability to read the game.

Statistical Deep Dive: Zidane’s Offensive Evolution Could Define Real Madrid’s 2020/21 Season

Can Zidane turn a struggling offense around without a fully fit Hazard?

Time Heals All Wounds — The Reconciliation With St. Iker Finally Feels Complete

Five years on from their ugly split, Real Madrid and Casillas have become inseparable partners once again.

Stat-Pack: Looking At Real Madrid’s Ball Security, Ball Recovery, & Ball Progression Numbers

Casemiro might lose the ball a lot, but no one wins it back more than him.

Las Blancas And The Broadcast They Shared

RMTV needs to organize its coverage of the women’s team much much better.

Editorial: A reminder to never under-appreciate anything, not a season or a player

The media can always paint their own picture but we can still find good in the bad

Florentino Perez deserves more respect

Stat-Pack: How Do La Liga Teams Defend & Who Are The Best Offensive Fullbacks In The League?

Real Madrid have the best pressing numbers & Marcelo is on a whole ‘nother planet.

Marcelo Is Madridismo

Marcelo represents everything Real Madrid is supposed to be.

Discussing The Struggles Of La Liga’s Big Three

Two La Liga experts join Om Arvind to explain the reasons behind the Big Three’s poor start to the 2018/19 season.

Statistical Analysis: Should Real Madrid Sign Eden Hazard?

While Eden Hazard would improve Real Madrid, his signing would ultimately prove to be superfluous.

“Calma Calma, Estoy Aquí”

Ronaldo chose Real Madrid and prevailed despite the odds and the legendary Barcelona team that stood in his way.

Mailbag: Zidane’s Legacy

On Zidane’s tactical evolution, legacy, "black magic," luck, & more.

In Defense Of Gareth Bale’s Recent Form

Bale has struggled since returning from injury, but Zidane must share some of the blame.

Evaluating Martin Ødegaard’s 2017/18 Season With Advanced Stats

Ødegaard’s shooting may be off, but he’s having a very good season on the chance creation front.

Will The PSG-Madrid Clash See A Changing Of The Guard Or The Maintenance Of The Old European Regime?

Neymar and PSG have a chance to upend a sustained period of Real Madrid-Ronaldo dominance.

We Are Real Madrid - Never Forget That

Alvaro Arbeloa has a reminder for all of us

Best of Managing Madrid 2017

Managing Madrid’s best work in 2017.

Should Zidane be on the hot seat?

He carried the team to a historic La Liga-Champions League double, but should he stay now that the team is struggling?

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Real Madrid's Autumn Art Block

Real Madrid are currently undergoing a dearth of creativity. How can it be overcome?

Solari has to go, there is no other way.

Enough is enough.

Total Football Is Not Total Freedom

Zidane is trying to play fantasy football, but he’s missing out on some some pragmatic steps.

Local Madridista Stunned To Learn That Publicly Berating Team Is Counterproductive To Success

Alejandro Martínez thought he was helping out all along.

Why Ronaldo’s Goalless Start To La Liga Shouldn’t Worry Us

Ronaldo is playing well, even if the goals aren’t flowing.