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Managing Madrid's Drawing Board

Drawings from our resident artists, Sofi Serg and Finn.

Drawing Board: Mbappe congratulates Florentino

Drawing Board: Rüdiger looks at himself in the mirror

Finn is back!!

Illustrated Poem: An Endless Day Without Real Madrid

What if Real Madrid disappeared?

Lights, Camera, Action: The Story Of Legendary Defender Jacinto Quincoces

An illustrated story about a Spanish actor who’s also known as one of the greatest defenders in Real Madrid’s history.

Illustrated Poem: Keylor Navas And His Struggle For Justice

A poem dedicated to the keeper who has gone from winning three straight Champions League titles to not playing in the tournament at all

When The Seventh Minute Starts: The Story Of Juanito’s Spirit

The article includes illustrations, gifs, videos, quotes, chants, a poem, and a song.

Illustrated Poem: A Motivational Message To Real Madrid

A new poem by Managing Madrid’s resident artist, Sofi Serg, to keep up Madridistas’ spirits

Marcos Llorente Has Real Madrid Infused Into His Veins

Marcos Llorente has Madridismo in his veins. It’s in his bloodline.

Who Comes First — The Player Or The Club?

Is every player not bigger than the club, or maybe there can be exceptions?

An Illustrated Poem: The Next Sensational Real Madrid Signing

A creative interpretation of the club’s pre-season work activity.

Illustrated Poem: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Departure

An illustrated poem dedicated to the legend’s decision to leave Real Madrid

Poem: Zidane’s Black Magic

An illustrated poem dedicated to Zinedine Zidane and his unbelievable achievements with Real Madrid

Drawing Board: Preparing For The Champions League Final

Let’s get prepared for the most nerve-wracking game of the season

Drawing Board: Real Madrid’s April Adventures 

Illustration of Ronaldo’s golazo is included

Agustin Herrerin: Real Madrid’s Lucky Charm And The Man Who Saved La Séptima

An illustrated story about the club’s pitch delegate

Drawing Board: PSG 1 - 2 Real Madrid

Illustrations of Real Madrid’s performance at the smoke-filled Parc des Princes

Drawing Board: Real Madrid’s 3-1 Win Against PSG

This match deserved to be captured in art

Drawing Board: Finn’s Goodbye

Finn draws his last piece

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An Illustrated Poem: The Year of Glory for Real Madrid

It's time to look back at Real Madrid's achievements in 2017.

Drawing Board: Fighting Until The End

Finn draws out his hopes

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Real Madrid's Autumn Art Block

Real Madrid are currently undergoing a dearth of creativity. How can it be overcome?

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The White Wall

A story about Real's supporters from the south grandstand of the Santiago Bernabéu.

Drawing Board: Rick and Morty search for a universe where Real Madrid wins at the Bernabeu

Rick and Morty fans might like this one..

Drawing Board: Usain Bale

Finn designed a ‘Usain Bale’ wallpaper for y’all

Drawing Board: (Not) Reinforcing the Striker Position

Finn’s take on Real Madrid’s lack of signings up front

Drawing Board: Ronaldo takes Pele to School

Ronaldo surpasses Pele, walks him to school

MM Drawing Board: Ronaldo Makes Messi Cry

Ronaldo’s vengeance doesn’t sit well with Leo

MM Drawing Board: PSG Sign Neymar

Real Madrid fans react to Neymar’s sale

MM Drawing Board: ‘Thank You’ Edition

Finn says thanks!

MM Drawing Board

Los Blancos vs The Old Lady

MM Drawing Board

Zidane plays chess, Messi is small, and Kroos is a skynet warrior

MM Drawing Board

The Inner Ronaldo