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Managing Madrid's Drawing Board

Drawings from our resident artists, Sofi Serg and Finn.

MM Drawing Board

Haters gon’ hate (part 2)

MM Drawing Board

Haters gon’ hate

MM Drawing Board

Isco Disco Wallpaper

Drawing Board

Atleti still have a long ways to go before taking over Madrid

MM Drawing Board: Ramos’ gift on Real Madrid’s birthday

The captain shows up with the best gift of all

MM Drawing Board

Morata the cupcake

MM Drawing Board

The Madrid Arsenal

MM Drawing Board

Zidane’s Ongoing Experiment

Managing Madrid Drawing Board: The Optimist

Zidane is positive.

Drawing Board

Sergio Ramos, El Matador

MM Drawing Board: Above The World

Ronaldo is simply the best.

MM Drawing Board: Ronaldo's Throne

CR7 has become the king of 2016 in a scary manner.

MM Drawing Board: Sergio At School

Sergio only counts in the 90s

MM Drawing Board: Madrid Fans

Mixed feelings before the game

MM Drawing Board: Enzo Zidane

Like father, like son

MM Drawing Board: Silencing The Critics

That trademark look

MM Drawing Board: November 19

A day to remember

MM Drawing Board: Tactical Banana?

A Zidane Wallpaper

MM Drawing Board: The Morata Card

The super sub

MM Drawing Board: The Two Sides Of Sergio Ramos

The Ramos Dilemma

MM Drawing Board: James can't score simple goals

A short JR10 meme

MM Drawing Board: Fear Factor

Welcome to hell

MM Drawing Board: Practical Zidane

Zizou and the galácticos scroll

MM Drawing Board: Romantic Ramos

Sergio and the minute 93

MM Drawing Board: James Will Stay

Goals Ahead

MM Drawing Board

Bale vs Ronaldo

ARTWORK: Key Moments

Determination was the foundation

ARTWORK: Conquering Milan

Who will win?

ARTWORK: Strong Will

Typical Ronaldo

ARTWORK: Future Prediction

A trophy collector

ARTWORK: The Football God

A Madridista

MM Drawing Board: The Samurai

Gareth Bale in top form