Real Madrid announce squad for Audi Cup without Gareth Bale

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Real Madrid published the squad list for the Audi Cup which will be played in Germany starting this Tuesday, when Los Blancos take on Tottenham.


Goalkeepers: Keylor Navas, Lunin and Altube.

Defenders: Carvajal, Ramos, Varane, Nacho, Marcelo, Odriozola, Javi Hernández, De la Fuente and Miguel Gutiérrez.

Midfielders: Kroos, Modric, Valverde, Isco and Seoane.

Attackers: Mariano, Benzema, Lucas Vázquez, Vinicius Jr., Hazard, Rodrygo and Kubo.

Zidane has decided to keep Gareth Bale out of this list, which could mean that the Welshman is on his way out of the club. Neither Casemiro nor James or Militao will travel as they just started training this Monday.

Courtois, Mendy, Asensio, Jovic and Brahim are injured and won’t be able to play.

Real Madrid need to gain momentum ahead of the start of the season and a solid performance against Tottenham could be very helpful after the disastrous 3-7 loss to Atletico de Madrid.


How is Bale on his way out?

I thought the jiangsu thing has fallen apart
Or maybe bale will show up on the Tottenham side? that would be epic lol

Are those rumors even confirmed by the club? This could be what Zidane talking about. Interesting.


Guessing this is it for Bale, that’s why Barnett is (already) going ballistics against Zidane again.

BBC reports

Bale is not good mentality after his move got denied

Ohhhh. That would had been China gig was confirmed then. BBC is reliable. Unless they became…

That fact that Zidane can't overlook personality in favour of talent is disturbing

I’m not one of those to panic over a meaningless preseason match against competition with an inferiority complex playing games like they’re CL matches because we’re Real, I’m more disturbed by the fact that L Vasquez is still in our lineup. Somehow, Zidane is comfortable with Vasquez over Bale. Vasquez wouldn’t even be good enough to make half the EPL teams let alone Real. Zidane’s pettiness and bias for washed up Benzema and players like Vasquez is frankly atrocious. Remember when certain supporters kept saying who needs Ronaldo? Well …

Are you disturbed ?

Guardiola took Henry out after scoring a goal, because he didnt follow intructions.

Zidane is the boss, not Bale. If Vasquez follows orders then he plays. No one disputes which player is more talented.


But Bale, for his wages, has consistently underperfomed in the latest two seasons. Think about it: Bale is supposed to lead the attack (if not the team) in Ronaldo’s absence. This is not required from vazquez, he has no such quality.

The problem is what was expected from Bale versus what he actually did. All wingers who played under Zidane in 2017/2018 and before has dramatically underperfomed up to the point that a youngster like Vinicius Jr was able to be a starter. Real cannot have many wingers, so if the team signed Hazard, one has to go. Due to player’s mentality and only regular performances, Bale is destined to go.


I remember a few seasons back the number of forwards and midfielders was switched. Small world.

Another humiliation incoming.

The good news is that the fans will have another chance to see that Zidane’s trust in Lucas Vasquez is actually just madness.

Bale should've shut his dumb agent up. Making Every thing worst for him.

Rodrygo and Kubo should start the next match.

Zidane could go 451 and with a medium press to win the ball higher in midfield instead of leaving big gaps between midfield and defence

Fede can cover that left side when Hazard goes inside and Marcelo goes forward. Kroos has to worry about keeping the ball and picking hole in the opposition press. Would be a decent first half lineup that could win the midfield battle and release Hazard and Rodrygo to support Karim. The midfield 3 can stay relatively deep and allow the fullbacks to join the attack as well. Should be more balanced than expecting Luka and Kroos to track the likes of Alli over their shoulders while desperate to support the attack. They can read the game from deep and intercept and direct play while most of the other players do most of the sprinting.

You forgot to add the starting fullbacks to the lineup, but otherwise, looks good.

I thinking about the rest of preseason since Casemiro and a few others are missing

I read it other way out.

lmao Benzema as GK and Kroos as libero and Navas as striker.
How good that lineup would be? Xavi would be impressed to see our linkup goalkeeper.


He would still be angry cuz the grass was too long, too short or too green.

Kroos hates it when he play as a DM/DLP (or fulcrum of midfielders precisely)

Maybe Zidane should’ve considered 3-4-3, bombing fullbacks with Casemiro-Kroos/Modric. Buying Hermoso was a go, but we’re past it.

Let’s talk about now. Benzema is no great as a Target man so such lineup is more like 4-6-0, Casemiro is a necessary evil (if we’ll ever descend to that).

First half friendly against Bayern was really really wonderful. Hope to see such tempo and intensity the coming season, Rodrygo and Jovic as starters would be great.

The 343 will probably come into play at some point during the season. And could work with a front 3 of Karim, Hazard and Vinicius

Or even Hazard playing behind Karim and Jovic.

In any case the lineup is based on the Audi cup squad necessarily.

For bale and his agent china deal and a possible european return was probably the main aim

Rm just threw them a curveball….
Cancelling the deal at the very end…

Which means two things: either china needs to pay up and become desperate. Chinese owners don’t like being put in the corner.

Or it means rm is playing barnetts game. Barnett made life at madrid inpossible for Bale trying to make it clear he is unsettled and not onboard the zidane project.
Now rm just told him the deal is off, which means Bale could sit and rot at madrid…

Which probably is rm way of trying to make Bale take whatever exit gets offered him by an european club. That means lower wages and a madrid transfer fee and less for Barnett.. or rot in the stands.. and miss out on performance bonuses.

Then things escalate quickly…

Bale either gets isolated from the squad, remember isco under solari.
Or Bale himself is going on strike refusing to play…

I think this move to keep Bale here, may have come from the top, from Perez.

We all know Perez loves Bale, and think with Asensios injury and Perez looking at the questionable lineups of Zidane, Perez may not be sold on Zidane yet. I keep telling everyone this, Perez and every other Madridista would like to see some tactical brilliance from Zidane without CR7. I believe if the starting XI is structured the right way even this season, we can win La Liga with Hazard being a massive improvement. However, if we don’t win at least La Liga, I can see Perez falling out with Zidane fairly quickly. If Real Madrid even drops to third place in La Liga this season things will get testy, we should be exchanging the 1 and 2 spots on top of the La Liga table with Barcelona throughout the season.

Bale is not rotting in the stands...

Madrid is not going to cut its nose to spite its face.
It’s not happening, no matter how much Zidane wishes – case in point James Rodriguez

That makes perfect sense. I think you hit it on the nail.

Zidane isn't the type to completely isolate a player from the squad. Bale will play if he stays.

Zidane may not like Bale for whatever reason but he generally tries to use the whole squad under normal circumstances. He could have trusted Llorente and Ceballos more in the 17/18 season. In hindsight it looks like a power play. Him telling the board that he wants to choose his own players.
Also would explain why he came back when the club was about to embark on a spending spree. He saw a chance to get his players and not merely those imposed by the club on the manager.

Unfortunately, he’s now a victim of circumstance with the Pogba and Bale situations. One gets the impression if he doesn’t get the squad he wants he won’t be bothered how his term ends.
I do hope he makes some compromises and just tries to build for next season if he doesn’t get exactly what he wants.

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