Tennis legend Rafa Nadal: “I think I’d like to be Real Madrid president”

Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Having tennis legend Rafa Nadal as Real Madrid president has been a dream of many madridistas for many years now, but it has always been considered a long shot with no real implications other than Nadal’s passion for the club.

However, Nadal talked to Movistar+ in an interview last night and the player reveal that it might not be such a crazy thought after all.

“I promise that it’s not always been a dream or a goal of mine. But if you ask me if I’d like to be Real Madrid president, I think I would. But first of all, we’ve got the best possible president at the moment. On top of that, how I feel today might not be how I feel tomorrow. And I also feel like you [journalists] like to create some narratives and headlines [laughs],” he said.

This was a fairly unexpected answer from Nadal. Even though he’s quite cautious in his approach, it looks like it is a career path he’s actually considered or willing to consider in the future. He went on and explained that he might not be suited for that job, however.

“You have to know if you’re capable of doing that type of thing. I’m quite realistic with myself, I more or less know my limitations. I don’t know if I’d be capable of doing it or not. Anyway, time will tell,” he added.

These quotes from Nadal have given Real Madrid fans hope because it’s hard to know who will be Florentino Perez’s successor when he steps away from the job. Now, Nadal might not be neither interested nor ready when that happens in a few years, but could he be interested in be Real Madrid’s president during the next decade?

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