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Real Madrid CF: History

Managing Madrid Podcast: Live from Real Madrid City: Mailbag!

Kiyan and Lucas record live from today’s training session

Managing Madrid Podcast: Revisiting the GOAT debate with Angelo Valdes. PLUS: Can Real beat City?

Kiyan is joined by Angelo from Los Futbolitos

DISCUSSION: Does Lucas Vazquez deserve more credit?

Managing Madrid Podcast: Who are the top-5 dribblers in Real Madrid history? Would we take Cristiano back? MAILBAG!

Kiyan and Lucas go through questions sent in by Madridistas

Churros y Tácticas Podcast: Cristiano vs Messi; Clasico / top 4 predictions; FC24 conspiracies

Kiyan and Diego go through a controversial Spanish football mailbag

Managing Madrid Podcast: Unsung Real Madrid players and Carlo Ancelotti’s evolution. LIVE CALL

Kiyan answers questions from Madridistas on our weekly live Zoom call

Managing Madrid Podcast: Net Gains: Inside the Beautiful Game’s Analytics Revolution

Kiyan interviews Ryan O’Hanlon about his new book

VIDEO: Is Kroos the German GOAT?

Kiyan and Lucas answer the question: Has Kroos surpassed Beckenbauer?

Managing Madrid Podcast: Will Raul go to Villarreal? Has Kroos surpassed Beckenbauer? Does Jude *actually* play like Zizou?

Kiyan and Lucas go through a Real Madrid mailbag

Churros y Tácticas Podcast: Negreira updates; would Pedri start for Real Madrid? And much more.

Kiyan and Diego go through the weekly Spanish football mailbag

DISCUSSION: Which player best fits Jude Bellingham’s player comp?

VIDEO: Is Ancelotti the GOAT Real Madrid Manager?

Kiyan and Lucas answer this question

DISCUSSION: Was Pepe Underrated?

Churros y Tácticas Podcast: The “regimes team”; Arsenal “too intense”?; Ceballos vs Gavi

Kiyan and Diego are here with the most anticipated Churros episode yet

Managing Madrid Podcast: HOT TAKES for the 2022 / 2023 season.

Kiyan and Lucas go through another weekly mailbag

VIDEO: Kroos’s best moments in a Real Madrid shirt

Answered by Kiyan and Lucas

Churros y Tácticas Podcast: The “unreported 122m” and Barca’s new UEFA fine

Kiyan and Diego also discuss Mbappe’s salary, the ‘hate’ between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and more.

Managing Madrid Podcast: The Toni Kroos Appreciation Mailbag

Kiyan and Lucas go through questions sent in from Real Madrid fans

Managing Madrid Podcast: What is Real Madrid’s best starting XI next season?

Kiyan does a live Q&A session with fans

Churros y Tácticas Podcast: What if Real Madrid got Neymar instead of Bale?

Kiyan and Diego go through a Spanish football mailbag

Pre-season Chronicles: The Galactic Beginning in China

Revisiting Real Madrid’s first pre-season tour of China in 2003

Managing Madrid Podcast: What can Real Madrid do to stay ahead of the curve?

Matt and Ruben come together to discuss a wide range of topics including what could be Real Madrid’s next strategy shift to beat out the Premier League and Saudi Arabian money.

Managing Madrid Podcast: Who will be Real Madrid’s next president after Florentino?

Over 1.5 hours of content as Kiyan, Ruben, and Hridyam answer questions on a live call

Managing Madrid Podcast: Re-doing Real Madrid’s transfers; PLUS a devastating Castilla loss

Kiyan and Matt discuss what Real Madrid could’ve done differently since the summer of 2018 before Ruben and Hridyam break down Castilla’s brutal elimination.

VIDEO: The good and bad from Bellingham’s presentation

Kiyan and Lucas also discuss some Real Madrid history, the new UCL format, and more.

Managing Madrid Podcast: New UCL format; Bellingham Presser

Kiyan and Lucas go through a Real Madrid mailbag sent in by fans

VIDEO: Real Madrid’s history of signing older players

Kiyan and Matt discuss the successful signings and the failures, and why the club just doesn’t like signing older players in general

Managing Madrid Podcast: The you-know-who podcast

Kiyan and Matt discuss how Real Madrid’s history may dictate the summer transfer window

Bayern CEO recalls the 180-turn in signing Xabi Alonso from Real Madrid

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A good-bye to the transcendent Benzema — one of the greatest players in Real Madrid history

On Benzema’s ascendency since 2018, an emotional good-bye, and the unique stature of one of the club’s apex superstars

Managing Madrid Podcast: Emergency Benzema Episode

Kiyan, Sid, and Matt reflect on Benzema’s career, today’s good-bye, and what’s next for Real Madrid.

VIDEO: Should Real Madrid splash on Harry Kane?

Kiyan and Lucas also discuss other options, and why "English players don’t succeed in La Liga" is not fair on Bellingham


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